Students’ fitness favorites


Graphic by Lacey Robertson

A look at some of the surveys students’ fitness and health favorited.

Lacey Robertson, Staff Writer

Scottsdale, Arizona took the number one spot on Wallethub’s recent list of the fittest cities in America, so there is no question that NDP students are often surrounded by elements of the fit lifestyle.

Joe K. Gerald, an associate professor of public health policy at the University of Arizona, “the most important factors involve a ‘culture’ of healthy living, where eating well and exercising are supported by local policies and custom,” and this is certainly true for Scottsdale.

In the Google survey sent out to a randomly selected group of NDP students, 53.3 percent said that it is not possible to stay for without regular physical activity.

Knowing that many of the members of the NDP student community value exercise, it makes sense that they also have their go-to gyms, healthy restaurant spots, and favorite brand to wear when being active

One of the top big-name gyms that are frequented by those looking to stay fit across the nation include Lifetime Fitness, Equinox, LA Fitness and Anytime Fitness, according to Foursquare’s website.

The most popular workout spot from the polled NDP students is The Village, which collected 37.5 percent of the votes.

“I make time to workout and drive to my favorite gyms even if it means if I have to cut into the time I do my homework,” said senior and avid exerciser Courtney Rivard.

The large gym with all kinds of workout equipment allows for one to create a personalized exercise routine, or one can attend any of the classes offered by The Village.

“The Village is my favorite place to workout in Scottsdale. I do a combination of cardio, strengthening, and lifting,” said freshman Cameron Imwalle.

Flower Child and Freshbox tied for second on the survey’s most popular healthy Scottsdale restaurant. Flower Child has a location on 90th St. and Shea, and Freshbox is located near NDP on Bell Road.

“I love a good Freshbox salad. I get the urban cowboy and it contains black beans, corn, cabbage, spinach, barbecue sauce, and chicken,” said Sera.

The majority of the answers were True Food Kitchen, a restaurant in the Scottsdale Quarter.

Comparatively, Sweetgreen, The Veggie Grill, and even Chipotle are listed as some of the most popular restaurant franchises in America to grab a healthy meal, according to an Eat This, Not That! report.

In 2018, it is common to see the fit lifestyle being promoted on social media platforms. Along with sharing one’s favorite place to workout, workout routine, or favorite salad, influencers are often seen wearing name brand fitness clothing.

For women, some popular brands are Alo Yoga, Sweaty Betty, and Ivy Park. Both men and women can be seen sporting fitness clothing brands like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour either in the gym or just around town.

Sixty percent of students chose Lululemon as their favorite brand for their fitness clothing needs, while Nike came in a close second.

NDP students do have strong preferences when it comes to fitness and health spots in Scottsdale, but overall there seems to be some overarching favorites among those who are looking to stay healthy.