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Editorial: Students afflicted by Senioritis

By Kaden Macr, Staff Writer

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Students at Notre Dame Preparatory are suffering from senioritis; defined as an affliction of high school students in their final year. Symptoms include a sharp decline in motivation and a “no-can-do” attitude. Generally, senioritis starts after seniors have submitted their college applications and mid-year report. Although for some students, senioritis can start as early as freshmen year. Senioritis is characterized by students not doing any work whatsoever, missing copious amounts of school, and neglecting all responsibility.

To date, no cure has been found, and as NDP senior Julian D’Aloia put it, “It’s hard to even take my computer out of my backpack. I just want to spend my last few months here with friends and enjoy all the good memories rather than spend time on school.”

This sentiment is not uncommon. According to NHSomniscient, 78 percent of seniors self-diagnosed with senioritis. These shockingly high numbers might contribute to the significant reduction in attendance and effort evident by many students during their senior year. With all the medical breakthroughs of the century, one can only hope that a cure for senioritis is on the horizon.

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Editorial: Students afflicted by Senioritis