Staying in shape with top fitness apps

Senior Hannah Gebhart showcases her Fitbit, one of the many useful fitness apps. Photo: Ellie O'Donoghue

Senior Hannah Gebhart showcases her Fitbit, one of the many useful fitness apps. Photo: Ellie O'Donoghue

Ellie O'Donoghue, Staff Writer

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As the weather dips and the holidays approach, we are faced with an abundance of decadent chocolate bars, sweet and warm pies, and delicate yet satisfying Christmas cookies.

Instead of having the pre-summer freak out of trying to get in beach-body shape for the summer, take the next couple of months to stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

Living in the age of technology, health and fitness applications on our mobile phones are easy and efficient ways to stay in shape this season.  Here is a list of five to keep you fit and fabulous while splurging a little on the holiday sweets.


 1. Fitbit

Fitbit is a free app that tracks daily activity, workouts, and sleep and food and water intake.  You can solely use the app and record your steps, distance, and workouts with the Mobiletrack while carrying your phone, or invest in a Fitbit tracker wristband, priced at $79.95.

With the tracker, you can record your heart rate, the intensity of your workouts, and the amount of calories you’ve burned.

Fitbit also has an efficient food barcode scanner with over 30,000 foods in its database. Fitbit has an average four star rating out of five.

For senior Hannah Gebhart, Fitbit is a useful tool to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“I started using it to help track my workouts, what I was eating, and to help maintain a healthy weight,” Gebhart said.

Being so easy to work and maintain, Fitbit is the way to stay fit this holiday season.


2. Pokémon Go

Creating a frenzy this summer, Pokémon Go is a off the charts rated app that makes the fantasy world of Pokémon come alive.

“Pokémon Go is an virtual, augmented reality where you have to go outside and catch Pokémon, which are located in geographically significant areas, with your phone” said senior Zain Majeed.  

Although this is video games, which are usually known for being bad for your health, Pokémon Go makes players go outside and to parks to gain hotspots in order to catch Pokémon.

“I biked around, ran, and walked, it was a fun way to exercise because you were exercising for a game” said Majeed.

While hunting Pokémon one night, Majeed biked a total of 15 miles.

Improving your health can be fun, and Pokémon Go provides an enjoyable and easy way to exercise.


3. MyFitnessPal

Rated the number one health and fitness app for four years straight, MyFitnessPal is a easy tool to track calories and log your food for free.

With over 5 million foods in its database, it proved an easy and fast way for users to track calories and all major nutrients such as: fat, protein, carbs, sugar, fiber, and cholesterol.   

The app provides a social aspect as well, allowing users to connect with other people to help motivate each other.  

MyFitnessPal stands out with a four and a half star rating and stellar reviews.

A premium option of MyFitnessPal is also available for $9.99 a month.

Premium or free, both versions of MyFitnessPal will help you maintain healthy eating habits.

4. Nike+ Run Club

The Nike+ Running Club app is a run tracker for everyone.

Whether you can barely jog a couple yards, or you are training for your third marathon, Nike+ Running Club offers a variety of amenities.  

Senior Katie Cunningham said, “It (the app) tracks your GPS location to design routes for you to run, and you can program it to different terrains and collaborate with friends to run the same route.”

While collaborating with your friends, you can compete by setting goals and times and public leaderboards on the app can let you compare your times to other people.

“Its great, it keeps track of everything on my run and really keeps me motivated by sending me notifications to go on a run, I totally recommend it” said Cunningham.

With above a four star rating, Nike+ Running Club helps get people off the couch and on a run.

5. Apple Health

Downloaded automatically on every iPhone, Apple Health is an easy app available for all apple users.

Apple health measures everything from sleep and vitals to nutrition and reproductive health.  

Senior Mike Frantz said, “I got the apple watch last Christmas and I use Apple Health to check my steps and how many calories I’ve burned.”

This app also has an additional feature for the user to input his or her medical ID to provide medical information, like allergies and conditions, in times of emergencies.

Available on your iPhone, Apple Health is a no-fuss way to stay in shape this holiday season.

“Beating my goals from the week prior is my favorite part because I feel like I am accomplishing something” said Frantz.


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