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Where are NDP teens working?

Emily Leinweber, Staff Writer

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According to a student survey, 51.6 percent of NDP seniors are employed. Their employers range from restaurants to retailers to doctor’s offices.

Students at NDP have a wide range of variety in their jobs. From the 51.6 percent of employed seniors, almost half work in the food service industry. Local and chain restaurants are both popular with students for jobs.

Senior Julia Kmiecik said, “I work at Cold Beer and Cheeseburgers as a hostess.” Multiple NDP seniors work at this burger chain. She said, “I work because I want my own money for food and clothes.”

One-fifth of students work as babysitters. This seems to be an easy, local way for teenagers to make some extra money. About 16 percent of students work in retail stores, and 16 percent have another job type. Some work as secretaries, some work in pet care, and some work in offices.

Senior Aubrey Steinberg works at Advanced Arthritis Care. She said, “I file charts for the office and call patients to confirm appointments.”

Students seem to use their job as a distractor, or a way to take their minds off school and other stressors. Stressed out and flustered, kids can take a breather at work and ignore their school or home life.

Steinberg said, “I think it’s good that I have a job. It’s another outlet for me.”

Kmeicik said, “It affects me positively because it gives me an excuse to get away from my family and earning money feels good.”

Three-fourths of students work 20 hours or less per week, with only 10 percent working above 25 hours per week.

Most students in the survey said they spend their money on food and clothes, or save it for college. Students at NDP tend to make between $8.50 and $10.50 per hour. However, students who work in the restaurant business make tips as well, which are not factored into the hourly wage.

Martha Mariscal is an adult in the NDP community who has employed many high school students over the years. She has worked for 20 years in the McDonald’s Corporation and has been an owner and operator of four Cold Stone Creamery franchises in Phoenix and Scottsdale for 12 years.

She said, “I find that hiring high school students is a great starting point for them.” She said that she teaches them business skills, hospitality, confidence and leadership skills to make them shine.

Mariscal said, “My employees handled money, credit cards, food production, cleanliness and hospitality, all marketable skills.”

The mother of four NDP graduates, she is also fond of the NDP students in particular, saying, “Many of the NDP students hired are incredibly respectful, trustworthy and clean-cut students. They value others, respect and have a great self-confidence about themselves that transfers to great communication with our guests.”

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Where are NDP teens working?