Juniors are Powder Puff champs

Freshman Powder Puff team strategizing before the game (Adam Trupp)

NDP girls played Powder Puff football on Bemis Field in honor of homecoming tradition on Tuesday, September 24th. 

Sophomores took the win against the freshmen with a score of 19-13, and the sophomore/junior team won against the seniors with a score of 20-25. 

The sophomores won against the seniors because they “put a lot of preparation into this game,” Isabella Popo, a sophomore on her grade level’s Powder Puff team, said. “Since we received the directions [from Mrs. Beers] last week, we have been practicing throwing, catching, and plays every day since Thursday,” said Popo. 

This was Popo’s second year playing Powder Puff; she played her freshman year as well. Popo was “very excited” before the game because she knew she and all her teammates were going to have fun. 

After the game, Popo said, “Our team played really well! We could’ve done a little better overall by trying to stop the freshman, but honestly, I’m proud of all of us!” She even stated that she was “so so happy” with the sophomore’s victory over the seniors. 

Head coach for the senior team, Dylan Benvenuto, began getting the team ready weeks before the game. “The rest of the coaches and I are very excited about the game,” Benvenuto said. “We are confident in the team and what they are capable of doing.”

However, the senior’s Powder Puff team only had one practice an hour before the game started. The seniors’ lack of preparation was on display during the game.

The seniors had been outmatched by the sophomore/junior team the entire game and ended up losing the game by a score of 25-20.  “We were supposed to be very aggressive and blitz to force some pressure and create bad throws,” Benvenuto said.

But when it came to game time, everything changed. The blitz plays were not working for the seniors and the team was left dumbfounded and confused about what to do. 

When the game had finally finished, the seniors were searching for answers on what had just happened to them. “They threw everything at us and we just didn’t have an answer for them,” said Benvenuto. 

Senior Powderpuff team getting a pep talk at half time. (Adam Trupp)

For the freshman students, it was the first time they got to experience the tradition of playing Powder Puff. Christina Cervi, a freshman at NDP, said, “I expected a lighthearted fun game of Powder Puff, and it didn’t disappoint.” Many of the freshman girls did not know what to expect since they had never played the game before. But the team got to the field at 5:30 p.m. so they could prepare.

The preparation proved unsuccessful, but they gave it their best shot and lost by one touchdown. Annie Doherty and Christina Cervi both had touchdowns in the game, but it wasn’t enough to beat the sophomore/junior team. 

Connor White and Nick Tuft, both freshman football players at NDP, coached the freshmen team. They gave tips and tricks to the freshmen who were unaware of the rules.

Although the freshmen team lost their game, the players thought it was a fun experience. According to freshman, Annie Doherty, “All the players will come back and play next year.” After the game, some of the freshmen players stayed to cheer on the other teams.