Homecoming change generates excitement

Danielle Drake

A wave of new changes arrive upon NDP students for this year’s Homecoming Dance on Sept. 28, bringing about excitement and joy to all attending the dance.

Last week, Dean Dragonetti and Dean White shed light onto the new rules in an email sent to the entire student body. NDP students are now allowed to leave the dance at anytime: “We will allow you to leave at your convenience, but please do know that there will be no re-admittance once you leave,” wrote the Deans. 

Last year, students were forced to stay in the dance the entire time, making students feel locked in, and inhibiting many of them from going. 

Students are ecstatic to hear of these new changes, encouraging more students to attend and make new plans for the dance. This will even allow students to attend multiple dances in one night. NDP student Noelle Wilson says she “likes [the rules this year] more because [she] doesn’t feel stuck at the dance if [she’s] not having fun anymore.” Nicolette Sciortino agrees with Wilson because “we get to leave whenever we want to.”

Hopefully, the new rule will make this year’s dance even more fun because all students who are in the dance will actually want to be there and are not just locked in. More students will be able to go to multiple dances in one night. 

Many are even considering going into the dance for the sole reason that they do not have to stay the whole time. This may increase the number of students in attendance of this years Homecoming. 

The doors will open at 7:30 p.m. and close at 9 p.m., so be sure to get to the dance before then if you are planning on going. It is important to note that the Deans said “all passengers of vehicles, buses or limos that enter our property must attend the dance. Security and staff will ensure that all passengers exit their vehicle.” Be sure to make a plan before getting to the dance, so that no one is forced to go into the dance or someone does not get the opportunity to go into the dance because of conflict. 

In order to ensure the safety of all students on Homecoming night, “every student and guest who enters the NDP dance will be breathalyzed prior to entrance,” said the Deans. This is nothing new to older NDP students, but it is important for all freshmen and transfers to know of this policy before getting to the dance. 


NDP students jump and dance around at last year’s homecoming dance (Staff Photo/Strolic).