5 ways NDP students de-stress

Sabrina Arevalo, Staff Writer

Students at NDP are constantly working to balance school work, extracurricular activities, social lives, and hobbies. According to a poll done by The Seraphim, students are involved on average in two to three extracurricular activities.

Today’s teens stress levels during the school year are higher than the average adult’s stress level, according to the American Psychological Society’s survey Stress in America

To get through these challenging, stressful times, many people use different techniques and activities to stay on top of their busy schedules.

Here is how five NDP students relieve their stress

1.Taking a Break to Meditate

Azrin Averette, a senior, practices meditation when she gets overwhelmed. She said, “I meditate to relax, let my mind and body take a break from the everyday activities.”

Azrin Averitte, a senior, is meditating to find an escape from her stressful day.


2.Listening to Music

“When I listen to music I’m in my own world,” senior Chris Cadwell said. “ It allows me to think about what is going on in my life and consider what to do next.” He is also an amazing guitarist and uses practice as an escape.

Christ Cadwell, a senior, is practicing his guitar skills.


3.Staying Organized

To stay ahead of the stress, senior Ashley Kusbel likes to plan out her day and make “To Do” lists in her planner. “Writing down things in a planner helps me remember what I need to accomplish everyday to not fall behind,” Kusbel said.


Ashley Kusbel, a senior, is setting up her planner for the upcoming week.


4.Creating Art

Senior Maddie Brunsman chose a drawing elective to bring her peace during her busy school day. Brunsman said, “Art helps me relieve stress because it gives me something else to focus on rather than my normal activities.”

Maddie Brunsman is drawing an image of a road for an art class to de-stress.

5.Dancing the Stress Away

Junior Sofia DeOrio is a talented dancer who relieves her stress by practicing challenging choreography to fine-tuning ballet skills.  DeOrio said, “When I’m dancing I get lost on a whole new world and forget about what I’m stressed about in the first place!”

Sophia DeOrio, a junior, focuses on her dance to distract herself from her stress.