Capstone: NDP journey from Grade 9 to Grade 12

Ansel Averitte shared his senior Capstone with The Seraphim

Ansel Averitte, Special to The Seraphim

12 is so much better than 9

By Ansel Averitte

12 or 9?   9 or 12?

9 is not as good as 12!

12 is soooooooo much better than 9!!!!


Gotta get this out, what is my head and what is in my HEART,

Oh man where to START??!!


This 2018 NDP GRAD,

Is sooooo much better than that 2014 LAD.


The skinny, hairless boy at Grade 9,

Perfectly uniformed but UN-informed … not so FINE


Too many classes, Christian service, ESLRs …….  so much on the PLATE,

Immature, self-conscious  ….  grades not so GREAT


Respect, Reverence and Responsibility?  For REAL?

How to remember that all?  Just wanted to CHILL


Freshman pickup line .….  was the great escape from the VASTNESS,

A 16 hour breather away from the MADNESS


The boy at Grade 10 had a changing HEART,

Charisms, swimming, nominated for Shadow Leader played a HUUUUGE PART

Learned about joy and sacrifice, thought about courage and love, however wisdom and humility,

Now that was a new ART!


Giving more than receiving, being supported by MANY

Grades a bit better, becoming known on campus by PLENTY


Driving himself to and FRO,

Funny–not so much in a hurry, and on a first name basis with Sister YO!


The young man at Grade 11, overwhelmed by it ALL,

The juggle of grades, swim and service, the balls starting to FALL


Fatigued most of the time BUT more determined than EVER,

The “sacrifice” charism, now the personal TETHER


Love and joy freely given HERE,

Helped him become courageous and gave him less FEAR


The man at Grade 12, humbled, can see the LIGHT,

The extra-large purple gown NOW clearly in SIGHT


Awareness and respect for Christian values, scriptures now fall off his LIPS

He is noticeably an NDP grad, because he has numerous TIPS

T is for staying TRUE to the WORD

I is for staying inspired by the WORD

P is for persevering and not getting BLURRED


As for the S,

The S is for SERVICE, SERVICE is a powerful FORCE

Service to Self, Others and the Community!  In an humbled kind-of-away Of COURSE


Always be of SERVICE with an open mind AND an open HEART

NDP Staff…

IS this a decent START?


I have grown in so many ways and had so many NDP FIRSTS,

What again is that VERSE???


With God all things are possible, Matthew 19:26

I will be able to throw that one out, when I need a quick courage FIX


Or what about Revelation 20:11?

“Then I saw a great white throne and him who was seated on it”, this one makes me think of HEAVEN.


How about Psalm 23:4?

For when life gets TOUGH,

I have been taught ESLRS, studied Charisms and wont’ have to BLUFF


Finally, the famous verse AND ALSO my Go-TO,

John 3:16

This one will keep my Kai-high when I am BLUE!



NDP Staff _

There you have IT, I learned more than I THOUGHT,

I look like an NDP Grad, simply because I am not DISTRAUGHT


I’ve grown hair, gained weight and actually a bit WISE,

I’m NDP recognizable and can even ADVISE


Armed with love, humility, courage ….… . not BAD

Now a man, and no longer the unaware LAD


12 is sooooooo much better than 9

Thankful to be an NDP GRAD, Grateful-to-God