Capstone project: an original poem

By Samantha Shank '18, Special to The Seraphim


By Samantha Shank, Class of 2018

Hey, Sunshine

That shy girl sitting alone in the corner

I see you hiding

I know why you’re hiding

And I understand your reasons for hiding

No matter how much you try

I can still see your light

Just bursting to be let out

The light that you keep tucked away for safekeeping

The light that is tucked in so deep, others can’t see it

You should let it out sometime

You might be surprised


Hey ,Sunshine

Take out your dusty old treasure box

You’ve kept hidden for years

Afraid someone might take it away from you

Afraid you’re not worthy enough to open it

Find your key

Take a peek inside

Take a peek at the treasure you’ve kept hidden

You’re rich

Rich in compassion

Rich in wisdom beyond your years

Rich in love for others

Rich in God’s love for you


Hey ,Sunshine

Your struggles don’t make you weak

Your struggles make you valuable

You’ve weathered storms

You’ve climbed mountains

Don’t let your struggles go to waste

They’ve made your treasures grow in abundance

Only to be tucked away

For no one to see

For no one to know

For no one to understand


Hey Sunshine

Open up your treasure box

Dust it off

Polish it up

Now take a good look

Lights are not lit only to be stifled

Treasures are not found only to be buried

And people are not born only to stay hidden

Don’t hide away

Let your light burn bright amidst the darkness

Share your treasure with others

And be a leader amongst the followers


Hey Sunshine

I see you hiding

I know why you’re hiding

And I understand why you’re hiding

You don’t need to hide anymore