How to participate in spirit weeks

Dylan O'Hara and Sophie O'Shei, Staff Writers

As Homecoming Week comes to a close, students and faculty are looking forward to the rest of NDP’s 2019-2020 spirit weeks. From daily dress-up themes to sports events, spirit weeks offer a unique opportunity to get involved. This year is off to a great start as “the Dog Pound has taken over more responsibility for spirit weeks,” Director of Student Activities Brenda Beers said. Here are some tips to make the most of the week: 

1. Check Your Email Often: The best way to stay informed about what is going on at NDP is to check your email every day. You’ll often get an email from Mrs. Beers, Director of Student Activities, several days before the spirit week begins including all the information about what events are going on each day.

2. Dress to the Theme: Pick out outfits and costumes to correspond with each day’s theme, but always follow dress code. Jeans without holes, bermuda-length or basketball shorts, sweatpants, shirts with sleeves, and closed-toed shoes are all appropriate options. 

From left, freshmen Shane Marshall, Lainie Dee, and Taven Hash pose in their college and career-themed outfits outside the science labs during this year’s Homecoming Week. Photo from NDP Facebook.

3. Participate in Lunch Activities: Teachers and students are often welcome to play games and partake in other fun activities during lunch, so come out of the cafeteria to see what fun activities are happening outside. Popular lunch events include Christmas cookie decorating and cornhole.  

“Participating in the activities that fellow students put on” is a great way to get involved, said Beers.

4. Come Out to Sports Events: One of the best ways to show your school spirit is by supporting all of the NDP sports teams. In the current fall season, you can attend swim and cross country meets, watch volleyball matches, see the hockey team play, and—of course—attend football games. Attending athletic events is a fun way to hang out with your friends while also showing school and house pride, as many sporting events reward house points for attendance. 

The most popular events are the football games. “The varsity football games are my favorite sporting event at NDP because everyone is super hype and it’s fun to attend,” freshman Andrew Beck said. 

5. Have Fun at the Pep Rally:

NDP’s House Saint Michael shows its spirit during the Homecoming pep rally. Photo from the House Saint Michael Instagram.

Almost every spirit week ends with a pep rally on Friday. For example, last week’s spirit week (Sep 23 – Sep 27), had a pep rally to get students excited for the Homecoming football game and dance. Pep rallies can be a lot of fun if you get loud and get involved in the games that are played, and many students look forward to them all week. 

“Pep rallies are fun and full of energy,” junior Matthew Larr said. They are also a great way to increase school pride. “[Pep rallies] build school spirit,” junior Jacob Nemivant said. 

6. Attend the Main Event: Whether it be a rivalry football game or a school dance, be sure to prepare ahead of time and make arrangements with friends. These occasions are the reason for spirit weeks, so plan ahead and have fun!