9 changes since Class of ’19’s frosh year

Lacey Robertson, Staff Writer

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The Class of 2019 likely has seen more changes during its four years here than any other graduating class.

As the first semester of senior year draws to a close, we are able to look back at all the changes we have experienced throughout our three and a half years.

Here’s what some members of the current senior class had to say about some of the most memorable changes we’ve seen.

From left: NDP’s past to current principals Jim Gmelich, Jerry Zander and Jill Platt. Photos from Notre Dame Preparatory’s website.

1.) 3 different principals

As the class of 2019 entered as freshmen, the principal was Jim Gmelich, who replaced founding principal David Gonsalves.

After Gmelich’s departure following our sophomore year, former assistant principal Jerry Zander became the interim principal.

During the summer of our junior year, it was announced that Jill Platt would be our principal, and she still is today

2.) Charisms to student formation to the House system

Before we were all introduced to the House system, our class has had to undergo two changes to this designated faith-based community building time.

At first, our charism group was split by people in our theology classes with students from other grades, and the focus was on the charisms that replaced the ESLRS of Reverence, Respect, and Responsibility.

Student formation was the same concept just without the charisms, and our class helped in starting the House system during our senior year which brought back the ESLRS.

“Sometimes I feel like our class are the guinea pigs because we’ve had to go through so many changes” senior Courtney Rivard said.

The varsity football team plays Sunnyslope at Bemis Field for the first home game of the 2018 season. Photo/Lacey Robertson

3.) Bemis Field and the lights

The Class of 2019’s freshman year also happened to be the same year that Bemis Field opened.

After years of having our home football games on the grass field by the gym and at Scottsdale Community College, we finally had our own field to use as we pleased. Or so we thought.

Only about a year after the field opened, it was closed for a few weeks during the football season due to the lights having to be uninstalled because their brightness did not meet city code.

Now, we have the same Bemis Field (just with legal lighting).

4.) Late starts are less frequent

During our freshman year, it was common for our school to have late starts almost every purple day block schedule. Students did not have to come to school till 9:05, so many chose to get breakfast with friends at popular restaurants near school beforehand or just sleep in later.

Students line up to order sandwiches from the Which Wich food truck during lunch. Photo/AZ Wich Truck’s Twitter

5.) No more food truck Fridays

At least one Friday a month during the lunch period, students would be surprised with the option to buy food from a food truck parked in front of the gym. Trucks from restaurants like Which Wich and taco stands were often among the trucks that would visit. This tradition really only lasted our freshman year.

“I’m not sure why it was so appealing at the time but every time a food truck came by, the majority of friends and I would wait in a ridiculously long line even if it took up the entire lunch,” senior Adelina Martins said.

6.) Students aren’t required to buy a school iPad anymore

Before our freshman year, we all had to buy an iPad from the school that we were to keep all 4 years to do most of our work on and have our textbooks on. Now, freshmen have the option of using laptops or different devices from home.

7.) The time of Mass

Mass used to be right after E period and before we had any kind of break. Students would complain of feeling dizzy during it because of it being so early and because there wasn’t an opportunity to eat, so mass was changed to be a little later in the day. Now, it’s incorporated in House time

“I remember I used to be starving when mass was over because it would end way after our usual break time,” senior Tayler Nisser said.

8.) The polos

Before our freshman year, we all went to Dennis Uniform to stock up on all of our purple and white polos, skirts, shorts, and mass outfits.

A few weeks following the end of freshman year, it was announced that we would be required to buy new Nike polos and to wear those instead of the Dennis ones we recently bought.

The high prices and athletic material of the polos were not popular among students, so it was quickly announced that we could wear Dennis polos again.

9.) Cash breaking table during break has disappeared

Even though few students may remember this, there used to be a separate table near the bagel and muffin line that was specifically for students to give cash for parent volunteers to break into smaller bills. NDP has made the payment sister better since implementing the card system during our sophomore year.

Who knows what changes next semester will bring?

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