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8 highlights of ‘A Tale as Old as Time’

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The junior class planned and executed a prom that senior Angela Patrick called “a perfect night,” and added, “It felt like a fairytale.”

Nearly 500 students attended the “Tale as Old as Time” prom on Saturday, April 1, at The Venue in Old Town Scottsdale. Here are eight highlights of the big night.

  1. Prom Queen and King

Senior Clay Donaghey and Jenna Werning were all smiles after being crowned Prom King and Queen.

Jenna Werning and Clay Donaghey were the winners of Prom King and Queen.  Seniors voted the Thursday before the event, and they chose between Jenna and Clay, Sam Hertle and Michael Frantz, Tate Jameson and Kyle Smith, Angela Patrick and Brij Kathuria. 

    2. The Venue

Many students were impressed with the overall venue, especially when the roof opened up. Located in Old Town, The Venue offers 38,000 square feet of event space, with the dance being on the first two floors.  There was plenty of space inside for students to dance or sit down and relax.  The overall cost to rent the site for the night was  $20,000, which included food and drinks.  

  1. Fashion

    From left: Sydney Gebhart, Ellie O’Donoghue, Natalie Brodar and Cassidy Mannier show off their floral gowns.

This year’s prom featured many girls in floral gowns.  This new spring trend made for a colorful pop to every picture.  Another fan favorite was the elegant black dress.  Girls rocked both of these looks and loved matching with their dates.  Boys veered toward bow ties rather than the traditional tie, and they all looked great.  

  1. The Organizers

The organizers for this year’s prom were juniors Alessandro Davi and Sayler Butters. The teacher organizers were Kyle Diemer and Tom White.

Diemer said, “It was easy moderating because the girls in charge did a great job. I did not have to do much because they organized it so well.”

This year was one of the most expensive priced at $20,000, which was why ticket price went up from $80 to $85 this year.

  1. Theme

    Seniors Hannah Gebhart, Natalie Brodar and Sam Hertle smile because they love their new hats.

The Beauty and the Beast theme was enchanting.  Everyone enjoyed the beautiful decorations.  Some features were the rose cupcakes, Beauty and the Beast slow dance with falling rose petals, and the baseball hat gift with a rose on the front.

  1. Photo Booth and Pool Tables

Seniors Sam Barrett and Cat Deiana  pose for pictures in the photo booth.

The photo booth and pool tables provided those at prom with a chance to step off the dance floor. Students liked being able to pose with fun props and their friends in the photo booth. Other students played games of pool with their friends.

  1. Music and Dancing

Juniors and seniors dance at the April 1 Prom.

The juniors and seniors in attendance danced to loud and energizing music. The music was provided by the DJ from Living Energy. There were two slow dances and a lot of pumping.

  1. Food 

The food featured at prom this year was mainly hors d’oeuvres. The Venue featured small portions of grilled cheese sandwiches dipped in a tomato basil sauce. There were also small portions of fruit for those looking for a quick snack. For dessert, cake pops and small cookies and cream mini cakes were offered.


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