How to get ready for homecoming

Rachel Bateman and Dylan Benvenuto standing together after winning 2016-17 Homecoming King and Queen as freshmen

Rachel Bateman and Dylan Benvenuto standing together after winning 2016-17 Homecoming King and Queen as freshmen

Homecoming is coming up on September 28 in the gymnasium so get excited for one of the best nights of the school year. However, there is a lot of preparation that goes into making that night so special. But don’t worry, Director of Student Activities Brenda Beers, House leader Christian Sarlitto and student Sarah Bentzin are here to help NDP get ready for this great night. Here are nine tips to get everyone ready for Sept. 28:

Pick up clothes and make sure the clothes follow the dress code– Guys need to be wearing a dress shirt, slacks, dress shoes, belt, and tie. Girls need to be wearing a dress that does not go three inches above the knee. Go on the website to find any more clarification that you may need. Stores like Dillard’s and Nordstrom will be essential as they have all the clothes that you will need.

Get your tickets and guest passes– Tickets can be bought online, along with guest passes. If you are bringing a guest pass, then make sure the permission slip form is filled out before the deadline date.

Sign your handbook– Make sure that you log onto the school website and sign the handbook before. You will not be allowed to attend homecoming unless you sign the handbook in time.

Plan with your friends– Communicate with your friends on where you want to meet before homecoming and what the plans are for afterward. Order a party bus or limousine that will fit everyone on and figure out where everyone wants to get food from before the dance.

You will be breathalyzed– Obviously, you should never consume alcohol, let alone before a school dance. However, using mouthwash before you leave may result in you failing a breathalyzer test as most mouthwashes contain alcohol. So skip the Listerine and just brush your teeth.

You do not have to ask someone to go with you– It’s perfectly fine to go to homecoming by yourself or with your friends so don’t worry. And besides, it’s more common for someone to be your date for the night is more common for prom, so save the proposal for the spring. However, if you want to ask someone just make sure you…

Do not be cheesy and stay confident when asking– Cheesy posters and proposals will not get you anything except maybe a rejection. Have your poster be unique, original and something that is personal to the girl. And when you are asking, be confident. Do not stutter. Do not forget your lines. Do not panic. And most importantly, don’t doubt yourself. Just be confident, even if you have to fake it, and ask her.

Drink lots of water– You are going to be jumping around and dancing for a few hours around hundreds of other kids doing the same thing. You are going to sweat. A lot. Make sure you are constantly going to the water fountain and vending machine to drink some fluids to stay hydrated.

Have fun– Whether it is your first ever school dance or your last homecoming, it will definitely be a memorable night. Just follow these tips and enjoy September 28!