Monstrous show hits stage

Shrek the Musical opens Feb. 22

Sabrina Arevalo and Skylar Brown

Amongst the hustle and bustle of the winter season, NDP drama students are busy rehearsing for the upcoming musical Shrek.

According to Mr. Terry Temple, guest director for Shrek, “I chose Shrek because of the variety of characters and its sweet message that love prevails. Also, the music is fun, and the creative possibilities with both costumes and sets are endless,” he said.

Shrek himself will be played by senior Pierce Coover, who says that he looks forward to “the process of turning from a skinny boy into a fat green ogre.”

Coover finds himself facing a daunting task as he has to “have a Scottish accent and memorize over 250 lines” all by Feb. 22 when the curtains rise and he steps out onto the stage as Shrek.

The cast and crew put in a lot of work to make the play what it is. According to Mrs. Bonnie Wilson, NDP acting teacher and Drama Club moderator, about 335 hours of work is put into a single musical.

“I’m really excited for everything that’s to come,” said senior Natalie Brothen, who is playing Fiona. “I’m so excited to sing these songs as Fiona–not just as Natalie driving down the street or in voice lessons.”

Brothen added, “I also look forward to working with such an awesome cast; especially as a senior, I am trying to take it all in and enjoy my last show at NDP.”

Students learn the dance for the dance audition for this year’s musical.

With all of the current buzz and excitement within rehearsals, Mr. Temple said that he enjoys the rehearsal process because he “loves watching the actors develop their characters and relationships with the other actors and their characters.”

Sophomore Bennett Curran, who is playing Donkey, said he shares that feeling.

Even for the best actors, though excited for “getting to take my own twist on this iconic character,” Curran said he is still nervous to play such an iconic character all the while balancing being in three other shows at the same time.

I’m most nervous about making sure each line is precise, as Donkey tends to talk really fast!” Curran said.

Mr. Temple said the process of choosing a musical is one that changes with each school where he directs, as well as the cast pool from which he has to draw.

When submitting musicals for consideration, Mr. Temple does it based on the following criteria: appropriateness in content and theme for Catholic identity, ability to be successful based on the time and talent available, and personal interest: “I like directing shows that I like!”

He said that he “comes up with a pool of ideas based on the above criteria” and submits his suggestions to the principal along with a synopsis and scripts and waits for approval.

The result this year: Shrek The Musical.

“I love being entertained and I never tire of the times when an actor makes me laugh out loud or feel an emotion deeply and more often than I care to admit, cry. Watching a show become excites me the most,” Temple said.

Added Shrek, or in this case Coover, “The musical is extremely funny. Enjoy yourselves. Don’t be afraid to laugh. Your laughter boosts myself and other actors confidence.”

Be sure to come out and support all of the NDP thespians in this year’s musical Shrek. Evening show times are 7 p.m. Feb. 22 and 23 and March 1 and 2. Matinees will be 2 p.m. Feb. 23 and March 2.

To see the complete cast list and to purchase, go to the NDP online Box Office.

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