The Seraphim

2017-2018 Staff

Samantha Torre


Samantha Torre is a senior at NDP. Samantha has been on the swim team all four years of high school. She loves choir and enjoys planning service projects in Christian Service League. Samantha has a passion for reading, painting,...

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Hannah Duffy


Hannah Duffy is a senior at NDP. She loves to cheer, and is devote to cheer team. She also enjoys being with friends and playing with dogs. She aspires to attend the University of Texas and has a passion for journalism because...

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Andrew Lindbloom


Andrew Lindbloom is a senior at NDP and the president of the student body. Most people don’t know that Andrew grew up in Mexico. Andrew is passionate about trying new things. His latest sports venture is running on the NDP...

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John Byrne


John Byrne is a senior at NDP. He plays baseball, football, and participates in track. John enjoys being vice president of the Speech and Debate Club and enjoys learning about social studies and biology. An avid surfer, John...

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Rose Tuft


Rose Tuft is a senior at NDP. She has a passion for animals, and is the proud owner of six dogs. Rose plays lacrosse for the Saints, and is uncertain about where she will apply to college. She enjoys journalism because she gets...

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Anna Sera


Anna Sera is a senior at NDP. Anna is one of the executive religious coordinators for Student Government Association, a drama board coordinator, a thespian, and a member of ambassadors. Most people are unaware that Anna has...

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Kaden Macor


Kaden Macor is s senior at NDP. Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Kaden loves tennis, snowboarding, and surfing. Most people are unaware that Kaden lived in Canada for 10 years before moving to Arizona. Kaden has a passion...

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Natalie Zarasian


Natalie Zarasian is a senior at NDP who loves tennis, plays three instruments, and has a dog named Popcorn. Many people do not know that Natalie’s first language is not English. She did not learn English until she was four...

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Jessica Egan


Jessica Egan is a senior at NDP and Vice president of Drama Club. Jessica lives with three brothers and attended middle school at Rancho Salano. Jessica is passionate about drama, volunteering at the library, and playing board...

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Amelie Young


Amelie Young is a senior at NDP. A New Orleans native, Amelie loves to play soccer and lacrosse. She loves animals and spends copious amounts of time volunteering at animal shelters around Scottsdale. Amelie aspires to attend...

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Sarah Ziemann


Sarah Ziemann is a senior at NDP. Sarah plays basketball, runs cross country, and runs track for NDP. She enjoys singing in the choir. Only a few close friends know that she loves Snoopy and the Peanuts. She has a passion for...

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