Rollicking Pep Rally Fires Up NDP students

Cheerleaders and poms shine as students roar

A seemingly perfect poms routine, mixing lithe dancing, athletic punch moves, and synchronized spins characterized a rousing session Friday afternoon at the Notre Dame Prep gymnasium,  amid the first pep rally of the 2017-18 school year.  Along with poms routines by junior varsity and varsity dancers, three cheerleader teams performed, and Slater Zellers agreed to show off the long snapping skills that have earned him an athletic scholarship offer from Cal-Berkley.  Senior football players were so excited that they jumped off the bleachers and formed a mini mosh pit.

Students in each class responded enthusiastically to Public Address prompting, amid a competition to determine which class could cheer the loudest _ the seniors appeared to be slightly louder than their younger school mates. Students also practiced the “I believe that we will win” chant.

The session ended with the playing of the Notre Dame Fight Song, as poms and cheerleaders performed and students sang along.