Girls’ Soccer shooting for second state title


Rose Heppner, Staff Writer

By Rose Heppner

NDP Varsity Girl’s Soccer team took home a win against Deer Valley, the final score being 6-0. Their 2015-2016 season is currently looking at a win-loss ratio of 11-2, with two tied games.

The team is pursuing a state championship, hoping to mirror the success of their previous 2014-2015 season.

“I am hoping for another championship win because I think that this year is the most put together that we have ever been, “ said Dana Gordon, senior Varsity team captain. “Every girl out there has the same goal!”  

Noting they will see other teams again at the playoffs, Gordon said, “The teams are more difficult and stacking up against the division 1 teams that we face in the tournaments are challenging and intense.”

With her optimism and “work hard, win hard” attitude, it is no shock the Girl’s Soccer team is so successful in their season thus far.

“This season is really a true test of our team camaraderie and how bad we want a repeat,” she said.