Boys’ overnight newest retreat


Photo: Spencer Taylor

Three of the leaders of Kairos #15, from left Kiley Nelson, Madi Currier, Ciara Jean sport their personalized retreat shirts.

Lizzy Smiley, Staff Writer

NDP is adding a ‘boys only’ retreat for the first time in the school’s history.

This newest spiritual retreat, “Wild and Free”, set for happening Jan. 23-24, is only offered to senior boys. According to theology teacher Thomas Coast, “’Wild and Free’ is about living out a good Christian life.”  He didn’t want to give away any ideas on what will be scheduled because he wanted those who will attend to have an open mind.

The overnight retreat will be at the same location as the first senior girls’ retreat last semester, the Desert Outdoor Center at Lake Pleasant. Kairos is another retreat in which sign-up is on a first-come-first-serve basis, and spots are limited.  It is the most popular retreat and is offered four times a year to juniors and seniors only.  

Some people say they are tentative about signing up because there is so much about Kairos that is kept a secret, but according to senior Mallory Walker, the lack of knowing ahead of time made it an even better experience than she could have ever anticipated.

Walker attended Kairos #12 her junior year, and this year, she is going to have the opportunity to lead a group. When she found out that she was going to lead, she said, “I am so lucky, and I honestly cannot believe that God has given me this opportunity… I am still in shock!”  

The senior boys’ retreat will be lead by Father John Parks, Mr. Coast, and theology teacher Nolan Cleary.