10 challenging Lenten promises

Saints prepare for Easter Sunday

10 challenging Lenten promises

Sarah Phillips, Staff Writer

Notre Dame Prep students and teachers are marking the Lenten season with challenges to guide them to feel closer to God. Here is a countdown of sacrifices that some in the NDP community have promised themselves to abide by this Lent.

  1. Break Bagels

Sophomore Sarah Ziemann has promised not to eat any bagels at break for the entire Lenten season. Bagels are sold every day during break by the NDP parents to raise money for sports and clubs here at NDP. Bagels have been a popular choice for NDP students for multiple years, so giving them up is a “tough sacrifice,” said Ziemann.

  1.  Profanity


Although this is a Catholic school, students still tend to let a couple bad words slip. This individual who asked not to be named has promised to try her hardest not to use any profanity, but if she does happen to do so, she said she will say a prayer.

  1.  Pizza


Sophomore Anneleissa Lugay has chosen to cut back on her pizza intake and promises to write encouraging notes for students to view in the bathroom. Pizza is one of the most popular food choices in America. Lugay is also encouraged to write notes because she said, “The encouraging notes are just little examples of how to make a person’s day better. I love Jesus so that means I love ya’ll.”

  1.  Caffeine


Kevin Douglas has chosen to give up caffeine. Many NDP students depend on caffeine for late night cramming for exams or early morning class periods. Giving up caffeine is a huge change in one’s lifestyle.

  1.  Games


Theology teacher Mrs. Beverly Fraser said, “I spend too much time playing Candy Crush and Farm Heroes Saga, which–while fun–eats up too much of my time and does nothing to improve my life.”

Mrs. Fraser plans to give the games up for Lent. She said, “I am going to use that ‘found’ time to exercise and read. My plan is to use my treadmill/elliptical 30 minutes a day.  I have several books waiting to be read or reread. I think I will start with The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic by Matthew Kelly.”

  1.  Negative Comments


Sarah Erickson plans to “give up negative comments about girls’ appearances.” She said, “Also, for every day of Lent, I’m writing a letter to someone in my life and praying for them throughout the day.” This is a beautiful way to help someone to learn to love one another.

  1.  Dairy


Senior Claire Marr plans to give up all dairy products. Dairy is one of the main food groups on the food pyramid. Cutting out a huge portion of a person’s everyday meal is basically changing one’s lifestyle. Marr said she is willing to make this sacrifice for her love for God.

  1.  Drinks 


Senior Sam Hastey said, “I am going to give up all drinks that aren’t water, all music except for Christian music, and I’m going to do a decade rosary every day.” Hastey is not afraid of making these sacrifices in return for Christ’s sacrifices for mankind. She said, “It doesn’t seem like such a big sacrifice when you think about everything that he has done for us.”

  1.   Social Media


Junior Sam Barrett has chosen to give up “social media and everything sweet, and every time I’m tempted, I’m gonna say a prayer.” For today’s generation, social media has a huge impact on our lives. Sacrificing something that takes up multiple hours of the day is a great way to follow God through the Lenten season.

  1. WWJD

Campus minister Sister Yolanda Mendoza has chosen “to stop and think What would Jesus do? – What would Jesus say? before I open my mouth or do something,” she said. “Although it sounds simple, it isn’t.” This Lenten promise seems straightforward, but thinking about what Jesus would say in every situation is extremely difficult.

With each of the 40 days of Lent drawing us closer to the celebration of Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday, March 27, these Saints are making sacrifices or doing good deeds to be ready.