Faith over fear

Ms. Fraser looks at the crucifix hanging above her Smartboard.

Ms. Fraser looks at the crucifix hanging above her Smartboard.

Rose Heppner, Staff Writer

Fear, anxiety, and depression are all natural side effects of the human experience. Three individuals on the NDP campus believe in a more effective and healthier coping method besides medication and therapy: their faith.

Campus chaplain Father John Parks said he believes knowing you are not alone is one of the most powerful ways of overcoming fear.

“I do not tell my God how big my problems are. I tell my problems how big my God is,” Father Parks said.

Father Parks said religion and prayer can conquer anxiety.

He said that thinking too far in the past and the future are twin thieves that try and rob humanity of what is occurring now in present time. In regards to regret and uncertainty, the mercy of God helps calm him and his faith takes care of anxiety regarding the future.

Father Parks finds comfort in believing that God holds his future and He is in control. This helps lessen anxiety as he places his faith in a higher power.


It is through this faith, this trust that God will pull him through even his most devastating of times, that he finds comfort.

Theology teacher Bev Fraser talks about using faith not as a permanent way to dismiss or overcome fear but as a tool to help relax and refocus. Mrs. Fraser uses prayer and the rosary to get through stress and anxiety when it becomes especially exasperating.

She also identifies that trusting God is a key component in dealing with overwhelming stress and anxiety. “God has a way of figuring out when you need a real challenge,” Mrs. Fraser said.

Understanding that God’s plan is greater than anything she has is a philosophy that brings comfort in Mrs. Fraser’s life.

NDP’s student religious coordinator junior Sam Barrett maintains similar philosophies to Mrs. Fraser. She said that understanding that God will help her through her struggles is the first step to overcoming fear.

When Barrett is fearful or overcome with stress and anxiety, one of the first places she goes to is scripture. “I read scripture so I can know God’s word and know that He has a plan for me,” Barrett said.

Maintaining a deep trust in the creator is one of the most important components of having faith, according to these three individuals. By placing trust in God, fear becomes irrelevant because His will is beyond humanity’s control.