Earth Day all over social media

Paloma Mertel, Staff Writer

The hashtag “#earthday” has more than 3.5 million posts on Instagram. Among those posts are companies such as tentree who allowed viewers to like posts to plant a tree in Indonesia Many NDP students, however, took to their personal Instagram accounts to celebrate Earth Day on Monday, April 22.

Here are five NDP students’ posts.


Freshman Nicole Swettonic shared a collection of images to her Instagram story for Earth Day. Nicole’s story featured a variety of locations from Williams, Arizona to Times Square, New York City. Photos/Nicole Swettonic (@nikkiswettonic)


Junior Gracie Poquette posted a trio of pictures to her Instagram story. Gracie’s images had a range of scenery, from desert, to lake, to ocean, in order to share the Earth’s beauty. Photos/Gracie Poquette (@gracie.poquette)


Sophomore Ansley Britton took to her Instagram story to celebrate Earth Day. Alongside a picture of an Arizona sunset, Ansley states “You deserve this type of appreciation every day.” Photos/Ansley Britton (@ansleybritton)


Sophomore Kaitlin Walker took a more simplistic route, posting only two pictures to her Instagram story. Kaitlin’s Images had the ocean as their focal point, and focused on Earth’s natural beauty. Photos/Kaitlin Walker (@kaitlinwalkerr)


Junior Ellen Dannerbeck posted four pictures to her instagram story, that featured green fields, the ocean, and snow. Along with her pictures, Ellen stated “Happy Earth Day, thank you for being the best home.” Photos/Ellen Dannerbeck (@ellendannerbeck)