Nine new clubs join fair


Senior Sebastian Beller talks to Guitar Club members at the fair.

Sabrina Arevalo, Staff Writer

Students had the opportunity to learn about NDP’s more than 40 student-led clubs — including nine new ones — during the semi-annual Club Fair at lunch Friday in front of the chapel.

Representatives of each club were on hand to explain what their club does, enabling students to pursue their passions outside the classroom while making new relationships and memories.

“Clubs spark student interests,” said Brenda Beers, director of student activities. She explained that interest-based clubs are one of the main ways that students are able to express their passions outside of the classroom and can share those passions with other students.

Senior Luke Roberts oversees new member sign-ups for the Bowling Club.

 In addition to the returning clubs on campus, the nine new clubs featured at Friday’s fair were BRIDGE Club, E-sports Club, Investment Club, Movie Club, NDP Heartfire Club, Quiz Bowl Club, Spanish Honors Society, Fabula (Latin for story) Society for creative writers and bloggers and the Youth Organized Group Activity (YOGA) Club.


Mrs. Beers added that clubs help students to discover different topics that they can potentially enjoy learning about.

Junior Jarod Bogsinske follows his passion of U.S. history by participating in the Veterans Heritage Project club. Since VHP connects students with U.S. veterans, Bogsinske can learn about the wars from a firsthand perspective.

He said this club also holds a special place in his heart because he has many U.S. veterans in his family; through interviewing them and speaking to them about the club, he has grown closer to those relatives.

Another student, senior Maddie Brunsman has also found her passion for drama and theater through the Drama club. She joined her freshman year and is now the president of the club and has participated in many NDP productions throughout her high school career.

Brunsman laughed as she said, “I just wanted to make high school as much like High School Musical as possible. So, I joined the Drama club.”

Drama Club and VHP are the two largest clubs on campus.

“Clubs help you find your sense of home,” Brunsman said.

Chess Club members demonstrate the art of the game to interested students.

She explained how clubs on campus help students to make new friends and become closer with those around you. “You find your people, and you find people that you can relate to the most because clubs are super welcoming and non-judgmental,” Brunsman added.  

Beers said that clubs, through this social interaction, “help to make a difference in students’ lives” and “make high school more memorable.”

Mrs. Beers added that nobody remembers the math equations they learn in high school, but they do remember the people they meet and the activities they share with friends.