No headphones: social interaction encouraged

Erika Kramer, Staff Writer

No headphones are allowed during break lunch passing periods or out and about around campus, this year at Notre Dame Prep.

The only exception for this rule is that teachers can decide if they wish to allow headphone use in their classrooms, according to NDP Student Handbook.

New Dean of Men Tom White, who replaced Mr. Carl Hess, now assistant principal of St. John XXIII, and Mrs. Brie Dragonetti, dean of women, are the center of enforcing new school rule.

Mrs. Dragonetti said the problem started with the constant headphone use they saw last year on campus. She said, “Students were losing social skills and relying on headphones and their phones to occupy them.”

This year the hope is that this rule will benefit the students to have more interactions with others and establish relationships through better social skills, she added. The Notre Dame culture is one of community with the motto of “Mercy and Grace.”

“Being able to engage more with others and get to know them will allow students to enjoy their high school experience more,” Mrs. Dragonetti said.