School dances earlier this year

Homecoming set for Sept. 29

Lacey Robertson, Staff Writer

NDP school dances are undergoing some changes this year, specifically regarding the timing, with Homecoming now a month earlier on Sept. 29, and Prom, now two weeks earlier on March 30.

According to Brenda Beers, director of student activities, students had a role in selecting this year’s “Party in the USA” homecoming theme via a Google form that was emailed in May. The votes of students were calculated, and the USA theme won the majority.

The dates are chosen differently for each dance. Homecoming is built around the football schedule and when the home games are, while the prom date depends on venue availability on certain weekends in the spring.

For the dances themselves, there will not be much change in how homecoming is set up, but prom will have a new venue and theme that is to be determined. Mrs. Beers also said that the neon dance, the end of the year outdoor paint party, will be “more organized” this year.

Spirit weeks will still take place before each dance, except NDP’s new House congress spirit and activities coordinators will be organizing it and choosing each day’s dress-up theme instead of SGA. Students should expect to have a greater role in choosing spirit week themes, no matter if one is in House congress or not.

“I’m open for any students to step up and help” Mrs. Beers said.