Get ready to ACE this year

New learning center open during school hours


Ft. Phil Evanstock is ready to help students with what ever they need in the new ACE.

Sabrina Arevalo, Staff Writer

NDP’s new Academic Center for Excellence is dedicated to helping students with any academic needs, according to Crystal Brooks, the new learning resource counselor. The center is located in Pod 1 by the cafeteria and is open to everyone.

Mrs. Brooks said it is set up to promote a collaborative environment between teachers and students. Here, students can get help with learning how to organize school work, manage multiple classes and how to study properly. Students can also get academic tutoring from Fr. Phil Evanstock, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday; Ms. Caitlin Melnychenko, E period;  Mr. George Prelock, F period; and Mr. Ryan Pefley, G period.

Mrs. Brooks, who replaces Mrs. Mary Ellen Anderson who retired last year, said she is excited to help students and has already seen collaboration among students who  already have visited the ACE. She added she has seen students forming bonds because of the classes they share.

“They were already asking each other if they had notes or needed help,” she said  and encourages students to stop by.

“Everyone needs help sometimes. And that is what we are here for.”