Dodgeball tourney next for Houses

Skylar Brown, Staff Writer

Per popular request, the houses will compete once again for points through a dodgeball tournament set for Aug. 30.

This new Housystem that was added to Notre Dame Preparatory at the end of last year has been used on campuses worldwide as its popularity is continually growing, according to Mrs. Mary Lou Lachvayder, director of the House System.

She said there has been a lot of planning from each of the 10 house boards because each house has been designated one month for an activity along with weekly meetings and each house having a different role for larger school events, such as Homecoming this Sept. 29.

When discussing how the house system will grow, Mrs. Lachvayder responded by stating that its growth is “organic” and that things are continually being clarified.

“The house system changes and grows as we go,” she said, her eyes gleaming with hope and excitement for this year. She added that the house system is giving students more of a voice than ever before.