Eighth Grade Day Rocks

Current students show talent and hospitality to future Saints

Eighth graders gather for the pep rally (Natalie Zarasian/The Seraphim)

Eighth graders gather for the pep rally (Natalie Zarasian/The Seraphim)

By Natalie Zarasian, Staff Writer


Music blasting, 8th graders wearing their new Notre Dame Prep shirts, excited high schoolers reminiscing on their 8th grade day.  Every year, NDP hosts 8th grade day for prospective students who wish to see what a fun day is like in high school.  The 8th graders arrived on campus at approximately 8:30 a.m. and were funneled into the gym where they stood amongst high schoolers, waiting for the rest of the day to come.   For the first event, the pep rally, the 8th graders are given a shirt. The color of the shirt determined what section they sit in.

Senior Executive Class President Andrew Lindbloom began the day by greeting everyone and introducing the theme of the day.  The pep rally, featuring performances by the cheer leaders and poms, showed the 8th graders what a fun time high school pep rallies can be.

Maisie Creamer, a senior on Student Government,  helped plan the pep rally.

“I am most excited for the pep rally itself,” she said.  “The 8th grade day rally is known to be one of the best rallies the school puts on.  It is so much fun to see the faces of all the 8th graders as they witness their first real high school event.”


From left, Erika Kramer, Kendra Ingram, and Amelie Young jump for joy (NDP Live)

After the pep rally, 8th graders followed their NDP ambassadors through a series of four rotations, including participating in athletic activities, observing an excerpt from “Radium Girls”, listening to the jazz band playing “Rehab” and “In the Mood”, the choir singing, “Nightmare before Christmas”, the guitar orchestra playing, and participating in chess, robotics, and pottery, and learning about Christian Service League, including trips to Peru and Tanzania.

Each rotation lasted 30 minutes and further enabled the 8th graders to see what NDP life is truly like outside of the classroom.

Many of the memories created by 8th graders can be silly ones that last for years.

Senior Matthew Gorzelany stated, “I remember all the seniors at the time sang, ‘What does the fox say’^”?

Eighth graders are also encouraged to shadow at Notre Dame, as it reflects more of what happens during the day, whereas 8th grade day is designed to show fun.

For Head of Admissions Matt Rylski, his favorite part of 8th grade day is, “Just to see those kids having fun with our kids. I can take kids on tours, but they really bond with our students and it shows them they can be welcome when they come to high school.”

Junior Zoe McCarthy recalled her 8th grade day experience, stating, “I remember thinking how nice everyone was to me and how interested they were to hear that I flew out from Pennsylvania to go to 8th grade day.”

The day can often be exceptionally fun for ambassador students as they have many memories from their own 8th grade day.


Students play with balloons at the pep rally (Natalie Zarasian/The Spectrum)

Junior Sebastian Beller, who performed with guitar orchestra, stated, “It was fun to provide a fun experience and to be on the opposite side of the spectrum, and to give the 8th graders an opportunity to cherish this experience that I still cherish now.”

Junior Lexi Holgate, who sang in choir, expressed similar sentiments.

“I think it is a really fun experience to cheer on other people and make it fun for the 8th graders,” she said.

Current students wish to continue this positive experience and give the 8th graders memories to cherish.

Overall, 8th grade day was an opportunity for NDP students to show their talents,  interact with the prospective students, and show school pride.

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