NDP rocks socks

Socks jazz up uniform

Samantha Torre sports Dory socks (Amelie Young/The Seraphim)

Samantha Torre sports Dory socks (Amelie Young/The Seraphim)

By Amelie Young, Staff Writer

While walking through Notre Dame Preparatory’s campus, one can see a swarm of people in their Dennis uniforms. Students take every opportunity to express themselves any which way they can while staying within the guidelines of the Student Handbook. More than anything, people can be found wearing fun and festive socks to spice up their uniforms.

Socks bring something different to the NDP uniform. There are so many options in choosing which ones to wear, ranging from different patterns and colors to an assortment of lengths. Socks come in a multitude of lengths, including no-show, ankle, crew, and knee-high socks. There are even socks that fit around toes like gloves fit around fingers. Socks allow people to express their individuality through the various designs and patterns.

Senior Samantha Torre explained, “I just think that since we have a uniform, it is fun just to see how other students get creative with their uniform. Socks are relatively cheap, and it is fun to have a little collection of cute socks.”

Novelty socks are everywhere. Some can really make students laugh and boost their spirits. They display various foods, sports, flags, animals, and more. There are socks for any theme imaginable. One can find a pair for any occasion!

Katie Halmekangas rolls up in sushi socks (Amelie Young/The Seraphim


Ciera Babbrah’s happy feet (Kiara Cornella/Special to The Seraphim)

Senior Elizabeth McSorley stated, “They add a little flavor to the uniform.”

Socks can also represent something bigger than a fashion statement. They can express what people care about most. Senior Kiara Cornella owns a pair of socks with black Labrador Retrievers displayed. She wears them for the love of her dog. It is a daily reminder of her dog every time she glances down at her feet and sees her socks.

Kiara Cornella shows off her dog socks (Amelie Young/The Seraphim)

Eccentric socks are flamboyant and draw everyone’s attention. They show more than a person’s fashion. The brightness that is displayed can reflect a playful personality.

According to a study at Harvard University, “The Red Sneakers Effect,” published in June 2014, wearing socks with images and designs can have an effect on the person’s mind. It will make one feel more confident and brilliant. Harvard Researchers have come to the conclusion that pursuing nonconformist tendencies, such as wearing vibrant socks, reflect success and display ambition. Being bold and standing out requires confidence, which is a key element in achieving success.

As the leaves begin to fall and the temperature begins to drop, students rush to Target and stock up on socks before the shelves become empty. Target carries inexpensive, cute and festive socks for holidays, including Halloween and Christmas. These socks are popular throughout the NDP student body.

On Sept. 3, 2017, one student took her struggle to Twitter.

“i don’t live near a Target but i’m in desperate need of some Halloween socks and i’m panicked,” tweeted Maris Ackerman.

Ackerman normally tweets this type of content without expecting a response from anyone. Luckily, McSorley came to her rescue the following day. McSorley was at Target and decided to text Ackerman and ask if she wanted her to pick up a pair of Halloween socks.

Maris Ackerman wears Halloween socks (Amelie Young/The Seraphim)

McSorley said, “I figured, ‘Why not?’ She is a good pal and they are only a dollar.”

Ackerman was very excited when McSorley acquired a pair of socks for her. She has a variety of socks, ranging from socks with quotes on them to Avatar-themed socks. Since she already has Christmas-themed socks, she was in desperate need of spooky Halloween socks to add to her collection.

“I feel like it is our only way of self expression here because we always wear the same thing everyday,” noted Ackerman.

So if one is weary of always wearing the same thing, get out and buy some funky socks. They can be a mood changer and will make a difference in one’s day!


Giuliana Ramirez rocks colorful socks (Amelie Young/The Seraphim)