Seniors visit colleges


Notre Dame Prep college acceptance board (Andrew Lindbloom/The Seraphim).

Andrew Lindbloom, Staff Writer

Alexa Markl committed to University of Nevada-Reno for swimming (Mrs. Markl/Special to The Seraphim)

    It’s that time of year when the mornings begin to cool down, the leaves begin to fall, and senior absences are on the rise here at Notre Dame Prep.

    As the new school year settles in, seniors begin to ask themselves what kind of college they want to attend. Although many are already familiarized with the schools they’d like to attend, such as senior Giuliana Ramirez who just recently toured the University of Arizona, a wide range of students arrange visits, tours, and interviews to colleges both in and out of the state of Arizona. Some students have traveled as far as California, Nevada, and Texas.

    Recently, senior Trevor Gannalo traveled to Palo Alto, Calif. to visit Stanford University.

    “I wanted to get a feel for the campus as well as the community,” said Gannalo.

Accordingly, senior Alexa Markl returned from her own trip this past weekend to the University of Nevada in Reno, Nevada – a successful one. Besides ‘falling in love’ with the school, she came back committed to the university’s swim program.

    “I fell in love with the University of Nevada and I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else, “ said a smiling Markl. “They welcomed me tremendously and I felt a part of the family. They provided a scholarship and invited me to join their swim team. I knew I wanted to swim and go to school here for the next four years.”

    College visits, whether successful or not, are an essential part of the selection process, and are highly recommended by school counselors. They offer information about the application process, unique insight, and a feel for the community.