Volleyball team rallies vs. Ironwood

By John Byrne, Staff Writer

NDP Varsity Volleyball Team celebrates a victory over Ironwood Ridge. (John Byrne/The Seraphim)

Notre Dame’s Varsity Volleyball Team triumphed over Ironwood Ridge, prevailing 3-1 on September 5. It was a dramatic victory on the Saints’ home court. The team, led by Coach Sara Fox, came back after losing the first set 25-12. They preceded to win the next three sets with several notable highlights. Senior Saylor Butters dominated with a 10-point serving streak. Senior Devin Douglas also contributed an impressive 5-point serving streak. In addition, freshman Dylan Tilden most notably scored the game-winning point to beat Ironwood Ridge in the epic home match. The team improved to 5-1, and their next match is on Tuesday, September 19 at Sunnyslope High School at 6:00 p.m.