A Sisterhood “Chosen” by God


Senior Girls’ Retreat participants at Lake Pleasant (Beverly Fraser/NDP Staff)

By Sarah Ziemann, Staff Writer

The Senior Girls’ Overnight Retreat took place from September 11-12 at Lake Pleasant Desert Outdoor Visitor Center. The girls embraced the opportunity to dive deeper in their faith and understand that they were “Chosen” by God. The 23 senior girls decided to spend one night away from school, and many of them felt moved by the discussions and prayers at the retreat. Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Fraser, Sister Yolanda, Mrs. Martinez, and Mrs. Bartlett came along to mentor the girls in their faith.

Smith was particularly touched by the camaraderie among the classmates. She claimed, “The joy of seeing the sisterhood of these seniors and knowing they all have a passion for God was inspiring.” The group of girls felt a new sense of love and friendship with each other after spending the day and night together.

A boys’ overnight retreat for seniors will take place in the spring semester, and future Kairos retreats are also planned throughout the year. Keep the faith, NDP!


Lake Pleasant (Theresa Smith/The Seraphim)