Tennis: Loving the Game


From left, Olivia Parisa, Megan Goldwater, Sofia Trujillo, Maysa Tuftin, and Brooke Belitz, members of the freshmen girls tennis program at Notre Dame Preparatory (Natalie Zarasian/The Seraphim).

By Natalie Zarasian, Staff Writer

Every fall, Notre Dame Preparatory offers the opportunity for Freshmen Girls Tennis, in which players beginning or advanced have the opportunity to play against schools, such as Xavier or Desert Mountain. Coached by Susan Holroyd, girls tennis has been a program at NDP for six years, starting in 2012. With matches at Scottsdale Ranch Park, the athletes have practices and matches from the first week of August until the last week of September. So far, the team’s record is 1-4. While playing in the hot Arizona weather, the girls are able to practice, improve, and look forward to the Junior Varsity and Varsity tennis season in the spring. The girls have five matches remaining, so good luck girls! Their next match is at Corona del Sol on September 14. The rest of the schedule for Freshmen Girls Tennis can be found on the NDP website.

Freshman tennis player Bella Lester (Natalie Zarasian/The Seraphim).