Forging a Leadership Legacy: Principal Platt

New NDP Principal forges an immediate connection with students


Amelie Young

Mrs. Platt (Amelie Young/The Seraphim)

By Amelie Young, Staff Writer

Among the scented pines of Prescott, Arizona, as student government leaders gathered in a circle weeks before the start of the school year, a new face and voice joined the animated conversation. This new addition was Mrs. Jill Platt.

Platt, the fourth principal of Notre Dame Preparatory High School, is very excited to be at NDP, just as the students and staff appear to be excited to have her as part of the Saints family. She has worked in many Catholic schools, including Brophy College Prep and Xavier College Prep. Her most recent position was with All Hallows Academy in La Jolla, California, where she served as principal since 2011.

Originally, she chose Notre Dame as an excuse to move back to Phoenix, in order to be closer to her parents. However, when Platt arrived on campus, she knew it was the place for her, amid the warm and welcoming community of students, parents, faculty, and staff.

Platt was initially introduced to the NDP community over the summer, at the Student Government Association camp in Prescott, where she was embraced by approximately 50 students.

“I enjoyed seeing the students up close and personal for the first time,” she said.

She joined their inner circle and, together, they were able to learn about the expectations of the upcoming school year.

Kendra Ingram, a senior who attended the SGA camp, said, “She is very kind and engaging with the students.”

On the first day of school, while introducing herself to the entire student body, Principal Platt felt a little overwhelmed. However, after her speech, she said, “I was really impressed with the seniors.” Many seniors came up to her with open arms and introduced themselves. She finds everybody to be respectful and helpful in getting her settled at NDP.

Platt’s number one goal for the school year is “to get to know the school better.” She wants to get to know, “the systems as well as the individuals. ”

Since NDP has a large community, including many clubs, athletic teams, and school traditions, it will take some time for her to learn about each one. Yet by participating in campus activities and getting involved with the community, she will begin to meet her goal.

“I look forward to getting to know her in different school activities,” stated senior Natalie Zarasian.

Student empowerment is another focus for the school year, according to Platt. She wants to encourage students to be all that they can be, while enjoying their high school experience at NDP.

“Student empowerment is where you have a voice, and you advocate for yourself,” stated Mrs. Platt.

Empowerment is about being confident in one’s abilities in order to achieve success. Platt wants students to be confident in their ability to talk to teachers and to find solutions to problems they encounter. She wants students to be comfortable in standing up for each other and voicing their opinions. If something appears wrong, students should be able to come forward and state why it is wrong, and offer solutions to make it right. Platt wants to empower the students to truly be their best. This will help them learn how to be more independent for their next step in life, which is usually attending college.

When asked abut Platt, Mr. Jerry Zander, Assistant Principal for Academics, said, “She has done a really good job of being in front of things.”

It is important to take care of problems before they escalate, Zander noted, as he praised Platt for being a strong communicator.

NDP appears to be moving in the right direction with Platt. It continues to seek excellence and will empower students by challenging them to be their best. It has a warm, welcoming, and kind community that is engaged in plenty of fun activities.

“Everyday is a new day,” and there are always new things happening, which appears to be “the NDP way,” according to Platt.