Get Involved: September Club Fair


From left, H2O Club co-President Andrew Lindbloom, Vice President Luke Reardon, and co-President Ciera Babbrah. (Mrs. Beers/Guest Photographer)

Ever wonder how to get involved in student-led clubs around campus?

On September 8, students of all grades can flock to the Club Fair, where they will decide which clubs they would like to join. With such a wide variety of fun and interesting clubs, it is a difficult decision. At Notre Dame Preparatory, students get to meet new people, while exploring their interests, thanks to the presence of plenty of clubs. Some of the clubs that NDP students run include H2O Club, Speech and Debate, Drama Club, Board Game Club, and Cat Club.

With meetings on Thursdays, H2O club President Andrew Lindbloom described their mission as, “educating and fundraising to build wells in Africa and to help end the water crisis around the world.” Last year, H2O Club sold bracelets during Do Good December to help raise money for the wells they would like to donate. One of the largest clubs at school, with approximately 60 students, Lindbloom describes H2O club as a true “family”.

Although there are already numerous clubs on the NDP campus, students have the opportunity to form their own clubs. Last year, senior Sarah Ziemann took her love for board games and having fun, and created Board Game Club, which meets every other Friday in Mrs. Riordan’s room.

Ziemann described her club as, “a stress-free environment for students where they can come and play fun board games.”

Cat Club is another fun club, started last year by seniors Natassja Bartle and Rose Tuft, who described an event that Cat Club planned last year.

Tuft said, “We actually did a 5K to raise money for homeless cats.”

Bartle described a trip that Cat Club would like to partake in, to the new “Cat Cafe” in Tempe. Cat Club meets every other Thursday during lunch, so students who love cats and love a good time should stop by.

Next, Speech and Debate is a great club for students who would like to improve their public speaking skills while interacting with fascinating guest speakers.

Vice President John Byrne described Speech and Debate as, “students partaking in debates, listening to guest speakers, listening to students give speeches, and going on field trips.”

Meetings take place every week on Wednesday.

Byrne stated, “We are planning a field trip to St. Vincent de Paul and we go to competitions.”

Byrne said his favorite memory from the club was when a Marine came in to speak to the


For students who love theatre, Drama Club is a perfect fit. At meetings are every Thursday,  students talk about shows they would like to put on at school and discuss plays in production around the Valley. Not only does Drama Club put on plays for the school, they also provide community service to help the community.

Vice President Jessica Egan said, “We put on fun shows that everyone can see. We put on three shows a year, where a lot of people can come to them and really enjoy them.”

According to Egan, Drama Club’s mission is, “to spread laughter and fun around the school so that people can be entertained and not worry about school.”

Lastly, Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos is a club on campus devoted to community service. Members, who meet on Tuesdays, visit an orphanage in Mexico over Spring Break.  A new trip this year is to  an NPH home in the Dominican Republic during fall break. NPH Club Presidents Reina Squires and Lindsay Desmarais are seniors who have traveled on the NPH trip to Mexico twice, and plan on going again.

Squires described her favorite memory.

“Every night, the kids in the home played soccer, and it was so fun to join in with them. Whether we were playing with the kids or if we were just watching in the crowd, we would always be having the time of our life.”

Desmarais said, “At meetings, we write to our school-sponsored pequeños for certain holidays, help at certain events put on by NPH, and talk about ways to spread the word and support our organizations.”

With so many clubs on campus, students have great options from which to choose.

Join all of these clubs and more at break on September 8.