Neon Dance sets record


Covered in neon paint, students glow in the dark during the Neon Dance.

Lizzy Smiley, Staff Writer

The final dance of the year–the Neon Dance Party–on  April 28, was a hit, with about 465 tickets sold, double the amount ever sold, according to student activities director Mrs. Brenda Beers.

According to senior Katie Bussoletti, it is the best dance of the year. Bussoletti said, “Because it was my last dance at NDP I knew I had to go. Also it’s such a fun dance because it’s completely different then all of the other dances NDP offers.”

The Neon Dance Party is a paint party that NDP puts on every year when there is only a few weeks of school left, usually at the end of April.

It begins with students chasing each other around the field with a water-based paint that does not stain or dye skin. Students cover each other with it, putting it in each others hair, on their clothes and on their skin.  It is highly encouraged that students wear clothes they do not mind being ruined. This paint is easy to wash off but it looks cool when put on skin.

Junior Anna Sera also enjoyed herself. Sera said, “I got a ton of paint on my because I got to the dance early.”  She was disappointed, however, with the lack of paint.  Because she arrived at the dance an hour early, she was able to get paint.  But, some of her friends who showed up on time had little to no paint on them because it was all gone when they were finally let in.

This year, SGA decided to order less paint but this plan backfired when a record number of students showed up to the dance meaning the majority of students did not get paint.

Sera stated that some of her friends waited in line for 45 minutes to get breathalyzed and by the time they were finally let in, the paint was completely gone. She was slightly disappointed because as a member of SGA and being on the planning committee, she felt bad some students missed out.  She hopes though that this will not discourage students from attending next year.

This was Sera’s third time attending this dance and she would definitely go again. As a member of SGA it is required but because she has such a fun time every year, she would go no matter what.

SGA freshman and sophomore officers, the group of students that plans the dance, struggles with getting the right amount of paint.  Last year, they purchased several gallons too much, which caused issued.

In addition to the paint, there is also a dance party after.  When the paint is all gone and everyone is relatively dry, students run to the opposite side of the field where the DJ is.

Bussoletti stated that “the music this year was awesome.  The DJ did a really good job and he played a lot of throwback songs which made the dance even better.”

Overall, this year’s Neon Dance Party was a success. The school sold a record amount of tickets and the response from students was overwhelmingly positive, according to Mrs. Beers.