NDP Live! starts bi-weekly news videos

Seniors Davis, Gresco seek successors

Jayce Henderson records Andrew Davis, left, and JJ Gresco during recent video announcement production.

Jayce Henderson records Andrew Davis, left, and JJ Gresco during recent video announcement production.

Lizzy Smiley, Staff Writer

NDP Live! has began a new  video announcements every Monday and Friday.

Seniors JJ Gresco and Andrew Davis are co-presidents of NDP Live! and, according to Davis, the two of them decided to start these videos because they were inspired by similar videos done in the past.

Gresco said he hopes that these video announcements will help grow the club so that it can become a class similar to Digital Photography or Computer Graphics.

Video announcements cover a wide range of events that are happening in the NDP community. Everything from sports to fine arts, spiritual and campus life will be highlighted in the announcements.  

Also, the members of NDP Live! encourage students and faculty to pitch their story ideas via email to either [email protected] or [email protected]. Jayce Henderson and Kim Haub form the school’s Communications Department and are moderators for the club.

The goal of NDP Live! Club is to promote the school through video, photos, and the written word. It is open to all students.  

“My favorite part about being in NDP Live! is I have the opportunity to do cool things like interview students or film drama and athletes,” Davis said. “It is an awesome opportunity.   These video announcements are the newest addition to the list of great things that NDP Live does for the community.”

Gresco said his favorite part of being in NDP Live! is that he can “pitch an idea about promoting the school and often we can make it happen.”

Mr. Henderson, communication specialist at NDP, is the proctor of NDP Live!, and he assists the two with the production and shooting of the video announcements.  Each video is approximately 3 minutes long, with a 3-4 hour production time.

The announcements can be found on the NDP Saints YouTube page, and 1- minute clips can be found on the “NDPsaints” Instagram page.

Here is Monday’s announcement:

Mr. Henderson added, “The purpose of these announcements is to provide an exciting visual platform for NDP students, staff, families, and the community to obtain important facts regarding past, current, and future news on and off campus.”  

In addition, Henderson wants students to learn and understand “how to produce video content that’s captivating and accurately informative.” As a former digital producer for ABC News’ World News Tonight in New York City, he uses this experience to teach the club members how to shoot and edit the news.

He also wants students to discover new ways to be creative with their own ideas through different forms, including writing, shooting and editing. Henderson wanted to emphasize that these skills can greatly benefit students in areas of journalism or communications.

Because Gresco and Davis are seniors and will be graduating in May, they are looking for other students to step up and continue these videos for years to come. Anyone with the passion to inform and to entertain the community can do this, but if they do not want to be on camera, they can join NDP Live! and get involved in other ways.