Students march in ‘celebration of life’

Teachers and students pose with signs at the annual March for Life.

Teachers and students pose with signs at the annual March for Life.

Amanda Thomas, Staff Writer

Twenty-four NDP students joined hundreds of thousands others from around the country in the March for Life on Jan. 27 in Washington, D.C.

Those in attendance from the  NDP community left last Wednesday and returned Sunday after spending a few busy days in the nation’s capitol. Each NDP student who attended said it was a unique and impactful experience.

Before the march, there was a rally near the Washington Monument where those in attendance had the opportunity to listen to pro life leaders, politicians and celebrities. This year’s March for Life was the first time a vice president has spoken to those in at the march. This year, with tears rolling down her cheeks, Senator Mia Love spoke about how her parents were faced with the decision to have an abortion due to their impoverished condition.

The 24 NDP students were Elizabeth McSorley, Andrew Lindbloom, Olivia Salas, Arden Robinson, Alexa Thompson, Ciara Jean, Emma Nowicki, Grace Parsons, Jessica Egan, Kendra Niderost, Lauren Schillig, Maris Ackerman, Madison Hamilton, Matthew Morano, Maria Shen, Mallory Walker, Michael Walsh, Natalie Siller, Samantha Barrett, Samantha Hertle, Sophie Rodriguez, Tori Olivo, Cassidy Mannier and Zabinia Arvizu. The chaperones were Katherine Purple, Lisa Rawlings, Fr. John Parks and Stephen Matuszak.

Junior Elizabeth McSorley had attended the March for Life prior to this year but said that this year’s march was bigger than last year’s and had more of a political focus.

She added that this greater turnout is a result of better weather and the fact that more people wanted to attend “with Pence speaking, the pro choice section of the women’s marches and the overall division in our country.”

McSorley’s said she decided to attend the march for life to advocate for the sacredness of life because “life itself is a great gift” and that we “forget how unique and beautiful every set of DNA is.”

She said she would never pass up the opportunity to be surrounded by so many people that share a common interest in support of all human life.

Junior Tori Olivo also attended this year’s march for life, and said there was an “very welcoming, kind and gentle atmosphere,” adding that she and the others in attendance carried with them Vice President Michael Pence’s message of “gentleness not only towards the ones against us, but also to the mothers of the unborn and the mothers who believe they have no other option.”

Olivo said she will “never forget the comforting feeling” on the march and stressed how everyone around was so kind. This theme of kindness is echoed in McSorley’s account of a welcoming and loving atmosphere.

Olivo said she strongly believes that all human life is precious from conception to natural death.  She said the ability for a human to take the life of an unborn baby  through abortion “hurts me to the core,” so she decided to be a part of the March for Life to stand up for the voiceless.

Senior Cassidy Mannier was another NDP student who attended the March for life for the first time after recently realizing her pro-life stance. She said that upon this realization she wanted to stand up for those who cannot fight for themselves.

Mannier said about the positive and celebratory atmosphere that it was like a “celebration of life.”

McSorley summed up the lessons that all in attendance learned when she said, “The March for Life teaches you how to appreciate and love life to its fullest extent and to live a life of love.”