Dog Pound Week replaces Hoopcoming

Dog Pound Week replaces Hoopcoming

Amanda Thomas, Staff Writer

This year, student government has decided to forgo a Hoopcoming week and shift the focus to a winter sports Dog Pound week next week that celebrates all winter sports.

Just like Homecoming week culminates in the celebration of the varsity football team and a dance, Hoopcoming week traditionally culminates in the celebration of the varsity basketball team and a dance.

According to Brenda Beers, the director of student activities, NDP student government has organized a Hoopcoming week and dance since 2012.

Student government co-president Sophie Rodriguez said she believes that Hoopcoming week being taken off the calendar “won’t be a huge deal for most students, but Dog Pound week will cater to the students who enjoy the events.

Dog Pound Week is set to occur Jan. 23-27 and will include many festivities: a student vs. faculty basketball game during school on Friday and special events at home sporting events such as inflatable sports games, a carnival ride and special food incentives.