Putting a name to two new faces

Sophie Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Freshmen, transfers and new teachers quickly become familiar to students. But there may still be some unfamiliar faces on campus. Meet Jackie Moucheron and Maria Bauman, a new behind-the-scenes members of the NDP team.

Mrs. Moucheron, assistant to the office of mission and ministry department, has stepped into a novel position this year and has been working to help the school in her own way.

A former resident of California, Mrs. Moucheron has joined both Notre Dame Prep and Arizona this year. Her office occupies what used to be a conference room in the COMM (the building formerly known as the SAC), and she has 15 years of experience as an administrative assistant.

Mrs. Jackie Moucheron sits at her desk in the Center of Mission and Ministry. She fills the new Administrative Assistant role for the center’s department. Photo: Sophie Rodriguez


Her position, assistant to the Office of Mission and Ministry Department, is also new this year. In the first few weeks of the school year, her biggest tasks have been helping Sister Yolanda Mendoza with Kairos, Mrs. Leslie Gjerstad with the Freshman Plunge, Mrs. Mary Lou Lachvayder with Charism meetings, and Mrs. Brenda Beers with a website for event signups. She also assists Father John Parks, the fifth member of the department.

 Additionally, she rotates in to cover the attendance desk for Mrs. BarbaraMarrs.

Mrs. Tanya Bartlett, assistant principal, said that administration added this position after noticing the department’s workload in the past and observing its need of assistance. Mrs. Moucheron also said that she is “very surprised that the Office of Mission & Ministry has been without an assistant for so long.”

Although her job does not involve much student interaction, she loves her spot in the COMM–and “being in close proximity to student life.” She said she especially enjoys her coworkers and feels very at home in NDP’s Catholic community.


Mrs. Bauman, another addition this year, said that Notre Dame Prep’s faith community was one of her main reasons for taking the job as data coordinator, in addition to her background in community building and fundraising.  

Mrs. Maria Bauman sits at her desk in the Advancement Department, which is situated in the guidance building. She holds a new position as data coordinator. Photo: Sophie Rodriguez

Advancement is a lesser-known department in general; hidden in the back of the guidance building around several corners, down a much-longer-than-expected hallway and just beyond President Jim Gmelich’s office, it is unseen by students. However, the department is responsible for fundraising and organizing student, parent and alumni events like Bemis Bowl, the Culinary Festival, the fashion show and the golf tournament.

Admittedly, Mrs. Bauman is still trying to nail down the precise implications of her position.  She mentioned that the Advancement Department is a “small team” and that they work together as time allows to collaboratively accomplish the department’s objectives.

One of Mrs. Bauman’s specific goals is to create an NDP alumni network, tracking the progress of alumni all the way back to the first graduating class and reconnecting them.

She explained that with the changing dynamics of the university experience, high school communities are becoming people’s major networks. Supporting this idea, she said that her husband’s coworkers are all from his high school alma mater, Brophy College Prep.

Although she has yet to determine the manner in which she will reach out to alumni, her initiative is to add to the existing alumni page on Notre Dame Prep’s website and to begin documenting this information in a database called Raiser’s Edge so that alumni can stay connected and remain a part of the NDP community long after graduation.