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Blizzard didn’t stop Pro-Life marchers

Emily Leinweber, Staff Writer

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Ten NDP community members have just returned from the March for Life trip in Washington, D.C. While on the march, a blizzard blew through the city, recording low temperatures of 29 degrees and heavy snowfall.

The seven students: Spencer Stanton, Sam Hastey, Claire Marr, Elizabeth McSorley, Andrew Lindbloom, Sean Lilis, Olivia Salis were accompanied by Father Parks, Brother Richard, and Ms. Rawlings.

The giant snowstorm over the Northeast has been referred to as “Snowzilla.” The fourth worst place it hit was Washington, D.C., while NDP’s own students and faculty were fighting for their beliefs. Snowzilla even delayed students’ return by one day.

Senior Sam Hastey said, “Marching in the blizzard was very difficult because my hands, toes, and face were extremely cold, but it was inspiring to see how many people attended despite the harsh weather. I was so wrapped up in the whole experience and my surroundings that it took my mind off the cold.”

March for Life is the largest pro-life movement. It begins at the Washington Monument, and participants walk until they reach the Supreme Court. People give speeches about their views on abortion, hold up signs and protest as well.

Because of the enormous blizzard, many people had to cancel their plans to be in the march, however, it was still a great turnout. The 2015 march had about 600,000 participants.

Teacher and chaperone Ms. Lisa Rawlings, however, embraced the storm. She said, “Due to the Blizzard of 2016, many school groups throughout the country cancelled their student trips to D.C., but there were tens of thousands who braved the storm and enjoyed the beauty of the falling snow as they marched.”

The marchers had to brave out the harsh weather and snowfall in order to stand up for their beliefs.

Senior Claire Marr said, “Something that really impacted me was seeing a Franciscan order and watching a holy man walk barefoot in the 20 degree weather. It humbled me to think that the pro-life movement has stirred up so much passion within people’s hearts that they would suffer in order to inspire others.”

The NDP students traveled along with St. Mary’s High School and a youth group from Saint Mary Magdalene parish. They stayed at the Centro Maria Convent in D.C. They had quite the busy trip and refused to let the storm slow their calendar down.

The marchers were gone from Jan. 20 to Jan. 24. On Wednesday, they took a nighttime tour of some major monuments.

Thursday, the went to the National Basilica and attended the Opening Mass of the National Prayer Vigil.

Friday, they attended the Pro-Life Youth Rally and Mass, as well as participated in the March for Life. Transportation in D.C. was closed throughout the weekend, so students had the opportunity to play in the snow, and explore the local sites.

Overall, students seem happy with the outcome of the trip, despite the weather and inconveniences.

Marr said, “I would rate the experience a 10 out of 10. I have learned where I stand in the pro-life view and I am thankful for all the kind people who search for justice as well.” Hastey also rated the trip 10 out of 10.

The NDP community was proud to be represented at the March for Life event. Despite the cold weather, the students and chaperones braved through the cold to stick up for their beliefs and ultimately made the most out of the trip.

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