Dog Pound expands presence with social media

With an increased budget and enthusiasm for the new football field, Dog Pound leaders say they are excited to reach out to every sport, not just football.

 NDP Dog Pound leader Hannah Mattson talks about the changes for the 2014-2015 year: “Mr. Gmelich is giving us a bigger budget to spend money on things for the Dog Pound. Brandon [Taylor, Dog Pound co-leader] and I made a Twitter and Instagram @dogpoundndp. We’re also handing out prizes.”

With this budget, Mattson and Taylor hope to improve involvement in the Dog Pound. 

The theme for this year is “All In.” According to senior class president Leith Ghani, “All In” means to be “involved with your family, with your place of worship, with your friends, and with anything that happens in your life.”

The Student Government Association created this theme at camp over the summer. Dog Pound leaders hope to adapt this theme to all sport offered at NDP, from chess to cross country and golf to tennis.