Top five ways to combat senioritis

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    According to, “senioritis is a crippling disease that strikes high school seniors. Some symptoms include laziness, lack of motivation, thoughts of giving up, and lots of stress. The only known cure is graduation.”

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     As the new school year commences, widespread senioritis seems to be on its way to infect the new senior class, and lack of motivation, extreme laziness, and missing assignments are on the rise. Senioritis becomes especially contagious during the second semester of senior year because students “just want to go to college and tend to not care about school,” said NDP senior Kaitlyn Madrigal. However, just because it is the last year of high school does not mean that you can stop trying. Today, I will be sharing my top 5 tips on how to combat catching senioritis.


  • Remember that grades still matter! Many high school seniors feel that the can slack off senior year because colleges only see your grades from freshman to junior year, but this is false. Colleges will eventually ask for your senior year transcript, and your grades and course load will affect your possible acceptance into a university or financial aid. Keeping your grades up shows college that you will be able to handle college life and that you are a promising applicant, which makes them more likely to accept you.
  • Stay involved! Just as with academics, senior year is not the time to slack off with extracurriculars. Take on new leadership roles and keep growing in ones you had before. Colleges care a lot about leadership positions, and senior year is your last chance to fill up your resume with these important roles. Whether you become the captain of a team, president of a club, or take on another leadership position, it is important to not slack off on your last year. 
  • Remember that you still need to graduate! Many seniors think that once they have been accepted into college they can stop trying. Though getting into college is a big part of the battle, getting your diploma is still necessary. It is important to remember that you are still a high school senior, not a high school graduate, and you still need to earn your diploma before going to college. Failing grades, bad attendance, and poor work ethic will not get you your diploma, so keep your eye on the prize. Now is not the time to slip up.
  • Take it one day at a time! Yes, high school can be exhausting, but every day you come to school means that there is one less day until graduation. Instead of focusing on how many more months you are stuck in high school, focus on smaller amounts of time. Personally, I find looking forward to the weekend or a fun event makes the week pass by quicker. 
  • Have Fun! Though it is important to stay focused in your academics, it still is your senior year. NDP Class of 2019 alumni Celine Hatherly said, “Senior year is your time to shine. Make the most of the year because you will be in college soon, looking back at the four years you spent at NDP.” Use your senior year to make new memories with your friends while you still get to see them every day because, by the fall of 2020, you will be on your own in college remembering the good old days of high school. 



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