5 highlights of Homecoming

From Staff Reports

Students crowd the dance floor at Saturday night’s Homecoming dance “Party in the USA.”


What makes Homecoming such a popular annual event? Most would say it’s all about tradition, the concept of old and new friends getting together, sharing and making NDP memories.

NDP hosted an alumni at a tailgate on Friday night, Sept. 29, before the varsity football game. Some 150 alumni, faculty, and staff gathered in the senior commons to catch up before the Saints defeated McClintock 52-19 on Bemis field.

Here are highlights of some of the traditions that made Homecoming 2018 memorable.

1. Spirit Week

“Road Trip Through the USA” was the spirit week theme, with each day’s spirit dress and activities tying in with the theme.

The Powder Puff football competition is the activity many look forward to the most. The freshman and senior teams emerged victorious in their powder puff games on Tuesday Oct, 25.

The cornhole competition, temporary tattoos, face painting, and DIY pixie sticks were the best parts of the many activities scheduled for the week. The most spirit was shown on Friday when the dress-up day theme was red, white and blue accessories and attire.

2. The Pre-Dance

“Party in the USA” was the theme for the Saturday night dance, and to decorate the gym,

House captains, spirit coordinators, activity coordinators and the Dog Pound worked after school Friday to put up red, white and blue decorations. The fact that decorations were still up from Thursday’s pep rally made the task an easier one.

Now, it is super popular to get food catered to someone’s house versus going out to eat before the dance. With that comes taking pictures of friend groups.

Party buses and limos remain popular forms of transportation to the dance.

3. The Dance Itself

The number of students in attendance was down compared to past years, but that didn’t put a damper on the fun.

The dance music consisted of a surprisingly large amount of throwback tracks as well as remixes of popular music today.

Senior boys organized a conga line for fun during the dance.  The reason a lot of girls wore sneakers was to prevent their feet from being stepped on by all the jumping and dancing.

With the American theme, cornhole was played outside by the majority of senior boys.

This year was the first year a game such as cornhole was played outside, providing more to do during the dance. 

Members of the Homecoming court are seniors Kade McElroy and Marina Ramirez, king and queen Jonathan Curran and Jordan Weaver, and Laurel Abbott and Blake McKeon. Photo/Mike Harvey

4. The Royalty 

Seniors Jonathan Curran and Jordan Weaver were this year’s Homecoming King and Queen. The won

Prom Prince and Princess last May. Runners-up were Kade McElroy, Marina Ramirez, Laurel Abbott and Blake McKeon

Homecoming royalty is now restricted to seniors, compared to the past when it used to be a boy and a girl from every grade.

5. The Fashion

There were similar styles of dresses and a common trend in attire. The “Party in the USA” theme inspired many students to wear red, white and blue accessories, dresses, ties and shoes.

Many girls wore off-the-shoulder dresses, halter dresses–and even tennis shoes paired with their dresses. The combination

Freshman girls attend their first high school dance Saturday night.

of six-inch dress heels and sneakers provided for quite the contrast on the dance floor.



Staff writers Sabrina Arevalo, Skylar Brown, Erika Kramer and Lacey Robertson wrote this report.