Homecoming dresses and stresses

More shopping online for Homecoming this year


Senior Adelina Martins looks for her homecoming dress at break.

Lacey Robertson, Staff Writer

The homecoming dance is only three weeks away, so that means dress shopping season has arrived and NDP students are in frenzy to find the perfect outfit with such little time.

Usually, the search for a dress is exciting for students, but this year many of the female students have come to the consensus that the turn around from the first day of school to the homecoming dance being on Sept. 29 was far too quick for them to be able to really think about what kind of dress they want to wear for the dance.

“I forgot [homecoming] was a thing because I have been focusing on my classes since school just started a few weeks ago,” senior Grace Hogan said.

The dress decision process takes time for many, and some of the factors that go into it include the dress style, color, what store to choose to go to, and whether or not to buy the dress online or in person.

According to David’s Bridal, some national trends for homecoming dresses include styles that are off the shoulder, have floral prints and have sequins.

Being on trend, senior Audrey Smith said, “I want my dress to have sparkles but be subtle at the same time.”

Some recurring favorite Scottsdale spots for dress shopping include Roxanne’s Couture, Glam Squad, and department stores like Nordstrom.

Senior Courtney Rivard said, “I want to start shopping because apparently [homecoming] is less than a month away, so I’m thinking about what kind of dress to buy, but I haven’t looked at any specific stores.”

Prices are a factor in buying dresses, so some students opt for stores that sell more mildly priced dresses, but still fit their criteria.

“I’m probably buying from an online store that a lot of people shop at or Target,” Morrigan Malloy said.

Since the dance is approaching quickly, purchasing a dress online that can quickly ship is becoming a more favorable option for those who do not have time to make their way out to a boutique to sort through racks and try on dresses.

“I’m buying online because I don’t like going in stores. It’s just so much easier,” Rivard said.

Some popular online stores include Revolve and Shopbop, but it is also common for students to purchase from department store websites or look to social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram for dress inspiration.

NDP’s usual dress code rules will still be enforced for this year’s dance. Dresses should not be any more than 3 inches above the knee, necklines must be modest, and the cut should not be form-fitting.

For seniors, homecoming being so soon is a reminder of how quickly the school year seems to be flying by.

“Homecoming being only three weeks away is weird because senior year is going by so fast already,” Rivard said.

The hunt for the perfect dress has just begun, and whether the dress is found online or in a store, students know that they have to shop quickly.