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How to ask someone to prom

Jenna Glovsky, Staff Writer

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With prom just around the corner NDP students are starting to think about who to go with.  Juniors and seniors are excited for the April 1 Beauty and the Beast-themed prom.  This years prom will be held at The Venue and take place from 7:30 to 11:00 p.m.  Many Saints have already starting.

In recent years asking someone to go to prom with you has become a much bigger deal than it used to be.  Now a days it is almost a necessity to come armed with a massive poster and a prop of some sort.  It even got a new name: promposal.

Important things to remember

Senior Sierra Ellett, who has helped many of her friends with their promposals, said that the absolute most important thing to remember is to be funny.  “Maybe use a pun” she suggested.  

She also added that it would never hurt to use food in the promposal.  Her example is a poster that says, “Will you be my nugget at prom” and bringing chicken nuggets for the lucky girl or guy.

Another senior Ashley Baccaro said, “The most important part of any promposal is being unique and specific to the person.”

A male perspective comes from senior Collin Taylor who said, “The presentation and the surprise are what matters the most.”  

Taylor also adds that confidence is key when asking someone to prom.

How far in advance?

Baccaro and Taylor agree that two weeks before the actual dance is a good cut off for promposals.  

Baccaro said, “two weeks is enough time to get organized, match, and figure everything out.”

Taylor points out that it might be smart to talk to the potential date ahead of time and informally ask so that there is less stress and more time for organization.  He said, “I never really know when to ask, so I just wait until everyone else starts asking people.”

Can girls ask guys?

Ellett said, “It is totally okay for the girl to ask the guy.”  

Baccaro agrees, she said, “If you’ve been dating for awhile it is okay and even cool to switch it up.”  

Taylor said, “I think it’s meant for the guy to ask the girl, except for a few exceptions.”

Some of these exceptions is if the couple goes to different schools, the couple has been dating for a really long time, if the girl is older than the boy, or if they are just friends.


Some of the best promposals seen at NDP this year include a surprise airport promposal with a stuffed sea animal, a promposal featuring Dutch Bros coffee, and a surprise visit to the pom showcase with a pun and flowers. 

Cameron Judge asks Lauren Sawyer to prom with Dutch Bros Coffee.

Henry Lyons surprises Caleigh Orlowski with a poster and flowers.

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How to ask someone to prom