Pressure on for perfect promposal

Clever ways guys ask girls to prom


With prom season in full swing, many juniors and seniors have been brainstorming creative ways to ask their friend or significant other to the prom. Here are some great ways that NDP students have asked each other to this Saturday’s dance.

Each of the following pictures were either posted on Twitter or Instagram and have grown in popularity in the past couple of weeks.

  1. Lauren Sawyer and Sammy Pratt

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 8.37.27 PM

Lauren Sawyer’s friends were told to distract her for the night at dinner while her boyfriend Sammy Pratt spent four hours blowing up one thousand balloons. Sawyer said, “Once I opened the door to my room, balloons fell out of my door and Jeffrey Douglas and Michael Winter popped out.”

  1. Nicole Wrede and Joey Annoreno

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 8.36.49 PM

While Nicole Wrede was getting ready, her friend, Julia Matuszak, texted her and asked her to come outside and help her carry something. When she walked out to Matuszak’s car, Joey Annoreno came out from behind the car and surprised her with flowers and a sign that had a Justin Bieber reference.

She loved the promposal not only because she loves Justin Bieber, but because Joey also surprised her with tickets to Bieber’s concert in Arizona the following week.

Wrede said, “I am so happy that I not only get to go prom with my best friend since freshman year, but I also get to see Justin Bieber who I have been obsessed with for forever.”

  1. Aubrey Steinberg and Braxton Bilbrey

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 8.38.28 PM

Aubrey Steinberg was on a hike with two of her friends when Braxton Bilbrey surprised her at the top of Pinnacle Peak mountain with a sign and flowers. Steinberg said, “I was kind of surprised, but I kind of expected it. I still thought it was super cute! It was awesome.”

  1. Annika Vaughn and Nick O’Brien


Annika Vaughn was at dinner with a couple of her friends when they asked her to go out to one of their cars with them. She was surprised by Nick O’Brien, who was standing there holding a sign and a brand new pair of Vans. Vaughn said, “I was super excited he asked me the way he did because I got not only an amazing date but also a cool pair of Vans.”

  1. Bella Bottini and Matt Northfelt

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 8.39.22 PM

Bella Bottini was asked to prom by her boyfriend, Matt Northfelt. He surprised her with a Led Zeppelin poster that makes a reference to the song “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You.” He played the song on his vinyl record player and created a walkway lined with candles.

Bottini said, “I was actually really shocked at how creative the promposal was. I would not have wanted to be asked any other way!”

Senior Julia Matuszak said, “My ideal promposal would be clever.” Most girls appreciate funny or witty ways of being asked to prom. She also said, “I think guys are more clever than people think.”


Senior Cameron Cebrynski’s promposal to Matuszak really stood out. He sent her on a scavenger hunt, starting at school after Pom practice. She got multiple messages: one at school, one at a teammate’s house and the final message at her own house.

When she got home, Cebrynski had a poster that said, “Captain Julia, You got your team some really BIG rings, BUT you still need a date to…. PROM?” The pom team won state, hence the reference to the rings.

Many students like to ask friends for help and advice. Cebrynski said, “I came up with the idea with the help of a few friends.”

With prom this weekend, most students have their dates already. And some choose to go with a friend group instead.

Cebrynski said, “I think promposals are important for girls because it makes them feel special. It lets them know that some guy actually cared enough and wants to go with her so bad that they put time and effort into finding a clever way to ask her.”

Advice for guys 

Any advice for guys asking girls to prom? Matuszak said, “ My advice to guys asking girls to prom is to be clever and do it in advance! Don’t just throw some thoughtless poster together the week of prom. Girls need to know who they’re going with and figure out all of the details.”

Cebrynski also gave some advice. He said, “Get it out of the way early so you don’t have to stress about who to ask.”

Sometimes the girls will know who they are going to prom with before they get asked. Matuszak said, “I also suggest getting help from her friends, and if it’s someone that you’re taking as a friend, maybe ask them in advance if they want to go to prom with you. Be proactive.”

Cebrynski said, “At most, you only get to do it twice, so make it fun and make it count. Don’t be afraid to branch out and ask someone you may not usually. Again, just have fun and make the most of it.”

Going stag

For some, however, going alone is an acceptable alternative to having a date. A person doesn’t need a date to fully experience prom and maintain that authentic American night some girls dream of since childhood.

Senior Meredith Reinhardt said that prom’s success isn’t determined by whether or not a person has a date. More importantly, if a person does have a date to prom, Reinhardt says she would rather go alone if she wasn’t comfortable around that person.

In retrospect, senior Lauren Safford said she believes having a date is a much better alternative to going single. Safford said, “It’s not a necessary component but it makes prom more fun.”

There are several alternatives to going without a date. Safford said there is less pressure to spend time with a date all night, and thus it gives a single lady more freedom to spend time with her friends.

What else is prom about if not spending time with those you grew up with and shared four years of memories with in high school?

Junior Kristen Slogar said, “Prom is about having fun, and you don’t need a date for that.” However, like Safford, Slogar feels that going with a date allows for a more enjoyable experience than going alone.

“I think it’s more enjoyable because you spend the night with the person, get to know them better, and just have fun,” Slogar said.

Regardless of whether or not a person chooses to go alone, most girls have a dream promposal. Meredith Reindhardt, the future goalie for the University of Arizona’s soccer team, hopes to be asked with a poster that says in presumably blue and red writing, “Bear down with me at prom.”

Slogar said that her dream promposal would be her future date holding a sign that reads, “Will you go to prom with us?” while a dog wagged its tail at her feet. Even Safford, who did not specify a specific promposal, said she would be content with a creative poster.

Whether or not a girl is asked by the date of her dreams or is “promposed” to in the most clever of ways, prom is what a person makes of it, and that’s where the real fun starts.