14 things to do before you graduate


Cara Thompson and Allison Yeomans

By Cara Thompson and Allison Yeomans

As the countdown to graduation continues, here are 14 activities NDP students don’t want to miss before they throw their caps in the air.


Kairos 11
The most recent Kairos 11 participants at Lake Pleasant.

1. Go on Kairos

As one of the most mysterious yet rewarding experiences available at NDP, Kairos has established itself as an event upperclassmen don’t want to pass up. Jacob Nelson, rector for Kairos 11, said, “Going on Kairos was the best decision I’ve made in my entire life. I was able to find God and myself and my life will be forever changed.” Click here to read more about Kairos



Cara Thompson and Allison Yeomans take a selfie with Touchdown Jesus.
These writers follow their own advice and take a selfie with Touchdown Jesus.


2. Get a selfie with touchdown Jesus/Field Goal Francis

Who couldn’t win with Jesus on their side? Touchdown Jesus is a classic trademark of NDP’s Dog Pound and synonymous with Saints’ spirit. Field Goal Francis is a new member of the Dog Pound, making his debut appearance at the first football game on Bemis Field. Try to snap a selfie with either!





mr lamb
Mr. Lamb is seen here deep in thought.



3. Take a Class with Mr. Lamb

WHAP, Honors World History, Pop Culture, AP European History. What do these all have in common? Mr. Lamb, of course! As one of NDP’s most beloved teachers due to his humor and teaching style, Mr. Lamb teaches variety of classes and all students should take at least one.




The Dog Pound cheers on the NDP Varsity Hockey team.
The Dog Pound cheers on the NDP Varsity Hockey team.


4. Go to a Saints Hockey Game

Feeling out of touch with the winter season living in Arizona? Come on down to the Ice Den to support NDP’s Varsity Hockey! As an year long sport, there’s no shortage of opportunity to cheer on our Champion Hockey Team! Senior Cali DeMaestri says “I have been going to the hockey games since I was a freshman, and now as a senior, I am proud of the way the team has grown and become more popular, attracting more fans and receiving support from the school.”


The jump shot–as we demonstrate here–is one that students take each year.




5. Take Digital Photography (Dig Photo)

Do you love taking pictures but want to take your skills to the next level? If you answered yes, then take Digital Photography with Mrs. Strolic! Not only do you get to improve your photography and editing skills, but also have fun doing it! Did we mention there is a trip to the zoo at the end of the semester?




bemis field
Students storm Bemis Field before the first ever home game in September.


6. Go to a football game at Bemis Field

NDP athletics have just passed a huge milestone with the completion of Bemis Field. Not only does the field represent NDP’a athletic achievements but the passion and love for sports Coach Scot Bemis demonstrated. Support your football, cheer, pom and track Saints as they compete and cheer on this field! Click here to read Evan Millstein’s story on the Saints’ first win on Bemis field



Mr. Bob Powers shares a photo of his students.


7. Take guitar with Mr. Powers

One of the most popular classes at NDP, Mr. Power’s Guitar class provides a great environment for learning more about music and the guitar. Senior Hannah Dollarhide, who is currently in Advanced Guitar, said, “It’s a really fun way to learn guitar. You get to listen to all types of music and learn how to play it, which is amazing!”


Prom 2015's king and queen Max Taylor and Camille Medeiros
Prom 2015’s king and queen Max Taylor and Camille Medeiros


8. Go to a school dance

Homecoming and Prom are classic examples of typical high school dances that everyone should attend at least once in their lifetimes. Not a formal dance type of person? NDP offers the spring Neon Dance Party, a more laid-back affair that anyone can enjoy. The Winter Semi-Formal is Saturday, Dec. 5, 2015 from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m.. Prom is Saturday, April 9, 2016 from 7:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. The Neon Dance Party is set for 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Friday, April 22.



bemis field [557991]
Supporters of the 2014 Bemis Bowl on the home field.

9. Support/ Play in the Bemis Bowl

In honor of Scot Bemis, each year NDP host’s an annual flag football tournament on Thanksgiving. Get a team together and become a part of this great NDP tradition. As Coach Bemis would say, “Get After It!” Come out and support the Bemis family at this year’s Bemis Bowl on Thanksgiving morning on the Bemis Field! Team sign up information will be released on November 7th.



hope kids
Nick Ryan paints a child’s face at last year’s Hope Kids Day.


10. Volunteer at Hope Kids Day

Hope Kids Day is an event NDP hosts yearly for the Hope Kids Organization, supporting kids with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Clubs set up booths in a carnival-like fashion for this event, so it is easy to get involved! Hope Kids this school year is Jan. 30 2016.




Playing PowderPuff is a perennial Homecoming favorite.


11. Play/coach/support PowderPuff

PowderPuff football is one of the most memorable and exciting Homecoming Week traditions. Each grade level has its own girl’s flag football team and a team of coaches. It is a great way for some fun competition and a way to bond with your classmates!




participate in pep
Madison Currier and Michael Morsch participate in Pep Rally games.



12. Volunteer at a Pep Rally

The best way to have fun at a Pep Rally is to get involved! Represent your class by participating in one of the activities against other classes.




NDP-Fashion-Show-2013-597-XL [560095]
Students pose for the camera in the 2013 Senior Fashion Show.


13. Participate in the Senior Fashion Show

Were you born to walk the catwalk? Show off your skills at the annual Senior Fashion Show Auction! Each year NDP hosts a fashion show auction where the seniors get to model the latest clothes from event sponsors. This year’s fashion show is 6 to 11 p.m. Saturday, April 23.



Junior Henry Lyons is Forrest Gump and Charlie Corona is Lieutenant Dan for Halloween this year.




14. Dress up on Spirit Days

Show your school spirit by dressing up during the Fall or Spring Spirit Week or designated Spirit Days, including for Halloween or Christmas. Letting your inner monster, angel, or penguin free by dress up for Halloween! Create coordinated costumes and go all out with friend! Tacky Christmas Sweater Day during Christmas Spirit Week is another popular way to build spirit and spread good cheer.