Thanks, Admin, for senior quotes


Quotes from the class of 2018 seniors in last year’s school yearbook.

Erika Kramer, Staff Writer

Quotes in the school yearbook are evidence of the legacy left behind from seniors who have spent the past four years on campus.

The Class of 2019 was told in October that senior quotes would no longer be in the yearbook, but, thankfully, the decision has been reversed.

On Nov. 8, Principal Jill Platt made it clear that there will be senior quotes in the 2018-2019 school yearbook after all.

Every year seniors are to submit a quote that has to be approved in order to be placed in the yearbook for that school year. If they are deemed inappropriate, they are replaced with “Go, Saints!” without further question.

Seniors spend time brainstorming to find the small phrase that says the most about them. Some asked their parents for insight as to what quote best defines them.

A quote in the yearbook is normally a phrase that exemplifies how a senior wants to be remembered. Some common quotes are advice a senior may live by, a funny joke, a memory or even a nickname.

Yearbook readers are eager to see what quotes the seniors have chosen.

NDP Class of 2018 senior Maddie Stolper chose a quote that fit the way her classmates may remember her. Under her senior portrait read the line “Quizlet: mstolps.”

Stolper was known for her helpful quizlets, and it is almost too perfect that her quote would exemplify that attribute.

At the start of the year, seniors were told that the no quotes decision was due to the inappropriate quotes that slipped in to the 2017-2018 school yearbook.

This original decision felt like a punishment for the Class of 2019 for irresponsible actions they did not commit.

Administration made it clear that under no circumstances should the Class of 2019 be punished for the actions of those who graduated before them.

Mrs. Platt said she plans for a gather a group of junior leaders to vet senior quotes and make sure they are appropriate. This is to ensure that they are responsible for deciding if they want the privilege of quotes in the future.

This is not the first time administrators have changed their mind on a rule this year. Colorful socks were originally banned in the 2018-2019 handbook. After enduring changes and gaining the respect and trust of admin, students earned back the privilege to wear whatever socks they desire.

Administration is to be commended for listening to students and making changes that benefit student life and make school fun.

On behalf of the Class of 2019, thank you, Administration, for recognizing that we are our own class, one who has earned our privileges. With the guidance of God, we will continue to have a school year filled with reverence, respect and responsibility.