Zero Degrees rolls in at an 8


Zero Degrees logo pictured with wings and their recognizable O with a red spoon.

Skylar Brown, Staff Writer

Known for its Asian-Hispanic cuisine and its high quality drinks and snacks, the new restaurant Zero Degrees is conveniently located on Shea Boulevard, just 5 miles away. 

This chain restaurant is focuses on three essential  elements for a successful business: quality, customer experience and environment.

Zero Degrees first opened in California in 2013, its goal to set itself apart from the competition with the use of bold flavorings.

Their menu is decorated with sweet drinks like the Mangonada which is a mango slushy with chamoy, spicy Tajin and sweet, fresh, and juicy mango slices. It also features savory entrees such as the Carne Asada Nachos which are crispy tortilla chips drizzled with warm nacho and cobija cheese, spicy carne asada, and fresh salsa with pickled onion.

Cookie Monster milkshake pictured with its rich and creamy oreo shake topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce drizzle, all held together with a toasted marshmallow and oreo.

I went with a friend and ordered the lunch special in which you can order an entree and a 24 oz. drink for only $10. I got their Honey BBQ Wings, Cajun Fries, and Cookie Monster Milkshake for only $10.40, and it easily fed the two of us.

I rated each of these meals on a scale of one to 10. 10 being the best and one being the worst. The Honey BBQ Wings came flying in at an eight and the Cajun Fries at a nine. Last but not least, the Cookie Monster Milkshake came in at an earth-shattering 10 out of 10.

The menu prices range from their coffees and teas being around $4 to their entrees around $8.

Some of their entrees include: popcorn chicken, garlic noodles, Mac n’ Cheetos, carne asada fries, and their XXTRA flamin hot chilotes.

Their Honey BBQ wings were evenly coated in a golden brown sauce that melts in the mouth.

The wings were evenly coated and tender; the fries were seasoned and crispy, and the milkshake was sweet and marshmallow-toasted to perfection, leaving us wanting more.

The restaurant concept started as a family dream from three siblings who wanted to own their own dessert shop.

“That dream became a reality…[and] they would call their shop Zero Italian Ice and Custard,” according to the Zero Degrees website.

Today, it has spread across the country, and its menu has “expanded and demanded” from starting out as a small drink shop in Orange County.

Zero Degrees is conveniently nestled next to the Harkins Shea 14 theaters and makes for the perfect snack before or after a movie. The modern, contemporary and welcoming atmosphere makes it a great place to take just about anyone.

Everything about the restaurant was convenient, fast, and affordable. Everything from parking, ordering, picking up your meal, and then enjoying your meal.

Zero Degrees offers customers a wide variety of snacks, entrees, and drinks at affordable prices.

Overall, Zero Degrees offers the perfect selection of Asian-Mexican inspired meals and drinks for an affordable price, and I would recommend it to those willing to explore their taste buds.

Word to the wise is to take extra napkins and don’t go to Zero Degrees for a first date unless you want to be covered in BBQ sauce and cajun seasoning.