Best doughnuts in Valley

Best doughnuts in Valley

Erika Kramer and Sabrina Arevalo

As sophomore Carter Gray anticipates the weekend, she is even more excited for the doughnut that waits for her in the Friday break line.

Doughnuts are a favorite snack at Notre Dame Prep, so we, The Seraphim writers, took it upon ourselves to find out who has the best in the area.

Doughnut Fridays are a favorite day for NDP students as they race to the cafeteria at 9:56 a.m. in hopes of retrieving a circle of deliciousness before the last box is gone.

Although it is not every Friday, as soon as the yellow Bashas’ boxes pile on the white foldable tables, students know what is about to happen.

With Dunkin’ Donuts changing its name to just Dunkin’ recently, The Seraphim had doughnuts on the mind. To satisfy this craving, we took it upon ourselves to conduct a taste test to determine the best glazed doughnut in the Valley.

To preface our test, we did an Instagram poll to see what brands would reign supreme.

Then, we bought and reviewed the four different doughnut brands: Bosa Donuts, Dunkin,’ Krispy Kreme and Rainbow Donut Cafe. We scored each glazed doughnut based on the overall flavor, texture and appearance.

The best glazed doughnut must be sweet in flavor, light and airy in texture, and perfectly round and full in appearance with visible glaze. Each category was scored on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being far from the perfect doughnut description and 5 being spot on.

Here are the results!

First Place: Bosa
Bosa Donuts got a perfect score with 5s all across the board. The glaze was sweet, and the dough was rich and flavorful. These doughnuts also looked like a perfect cartoon doughnut with visible and smooth glaze. The textured melted in our mouths and was the perfect balance between rich and airy.

Flavor: 5
Texture: 5
Appearance: 5

Total: 5

Second Place: Rainbow Donut Cafe
Rainbow Donut Cafe’s glazed doughnut was a close second to the Bosa doughnut. Appearance-wise, it looked just like the Bosa doughnut, round and scrumptious. The flavor, though very rich and buttery, just was not as good as the Bosa doughnut. Lastly, the texture was slightly more dense than the Bosa doughnut, and it got i’s lower score in this category because it was not as melt-in-your-mouth as the Bosa doughnut.

Flavor: 4.7
Texture: 4.5
Appearance: 5

Total: 4.7

Third Place: Krispy Kreme
The iconic Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut came in third place. Compared to the Bosa and Rainbow doughnuts, it was much smaller in size. However, the glaze on this doughnut was smooth and beautiful on the outside. The flavor is nostalgic and iconic, but not as flavorful as the first two.

Flavor: 4.4
Texture: 4.4
Appearance: 4.6

Total: 4.5

Fourth Place: Dunkin’
The iconic American doughnut shop was ranked last on our list. Not only was the doughnut extremely dense, it was bland and flavorless. The glaze appeared to be thin to non-existent and was not smooth or beautifully sweet like the others. Though this brand may be epoch, its glazed doughnut is not.

Flavor: 2.8
Texture: 1.6
Appearance: 2.0

Total: 2.1

While doughnuts are considered a breakfast food, sometimes that is not the case. Whether it is a Saturday, a stop before school or even mid-afternoon, “Anytime is the right time for a doughnut,” Gray said.